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Far Beyond Mirkwood, Chapter 13/?

Authors: Mary A and Malinornë
Pairings: Mainly Thranduil/OFCs
Warnings: Some implied nudity, a bit of overtly seductive behavior, a little smooching...
Disclaimer: This is a work of amateur fanfiction of the parody type and is meant solely for entertainment purposes, no profit is made.
Chapter summary: The Royal Party settles down for the night; Haldir and Malinorne do some star-gazing and the King shows Mary something... different.

~ Mary~

"Close the door, Anborn," I whispered, "but do it gently." I knew that the seneschal, standing just outside the carriage, would not be happy to be shut off, but I felt that it was my prerogative to have some privacy. "Thaladir can do no more than report it to Thranduil," I added, to coax the dutiful ranger into shutting the door on the old elf's face. "But the king will probably just laugh."

"It is surprising to me how indulgent your liege lord is with you," said Anborn, after the door was closed. "I would have thought differently, from what I have heard of him in legends."

"Oh ho, indulgent," I replied, figuring Anborn meant our times together in bed. "That is one way to look at it." It was time to get things straight with the naive ranger, for his sake.

"Look at what?" Anborn's handsome face was a study of confusion. I wondered how I could explain to this honestly noble mortal man the exquisite pleasure my king took in sharing my sexual experiences with mortal men, when he had a notion to do so, without making the ranger feel exposed. It was a predicament.

"Anborn, I have always wanted to ask you something," I began. I patted the edge of the bed in an effort to get him to settle down and relax.

"Ask me anything," he answered in relief and he sat down with a gallant flourish of his cloak. I could tell that the soldier in him was happy to be given a task to perform. "My life is an open book for you," he declared.

"That first night we were together in Rivendell, were you a virgin?"

"Of course not, I..." He stopped, his cheeks flushed, and drew a breath. "Lady Mary, I beg your pardon, but the turn of this conversation is making me feel most uncomfortable." He stood and stepped to the window, peeked out, and then closed the shutters, on both sides of the carriage.

"How many women have you been with before me?" I persisted, although I kept my voice down, for his sake. If the elves wanted to listen, mere shutters would not stop them. "I insist that you tell me," I added. "I have a right to know."

"If you insist." He sat down again, satisfied, I gathered, that he had achieved enough privacy for us. "One," he said.


"You see, I was very young," he said in a rush, with his head down, as if he was confessing a dark sin. "I had just arrived in Osgiliath with some of my friends, to start our training with Captain Faramir, and there was this woman at the inn we stayed in...."

"A woman?" I interrupted, fascinated with the idea of the young Anborn, probably still beardless, becoming a man. "Was she older than you?

"Much older, I believe." He finally lifted his head to look at me, and he rubbed his face for a moment.

"Was she pretty?" I asked. "Was she prettier than me?"

"It is hard to say because it was very dark." After heaving a great sigh, he stared at his hands and grew silent.

He might have felt embarrassed, or maybe relieved to get it off of his chest, or he could have been dreamily reminiscing over this mysterious woman, it was hard to tell. Hoping to turn the moment into an opportunity to explain to him what me being a 'bridge' for the king meant, I decided to try what I thought was an easy question.

"Anborn," I said to his profile, "before you... stopped being a virgin, did you ever like to just watch? I mean if you could find someone to watch?"

Slowly, he turned to face me again, with a blank expression, and asked, "Watch?"

"Never mind, I am tired of this subject anyway," I said, giving up. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, I asked, "When Thranduil pulled you away from the table this morning, what did he say to you?"

"He told me to ride close beside you," Anborn said, smiling again. "He had a feeling that you might need to see me there, often, to keep you cheered up. Your king is very shrewd, he knows how much you desire to return to his caves..."

"Oh my, and here I thought it was a big secret," I murmured. "Do go on."

"Lady Mary, he warned me that if he had let you ride with me, then you might try to talk me into taking you back to his caves, if I would not agree to take you to Isengard, and he knows how eager I am to please you..."

"Oh for goodness sakes!" I cried. "Is nothing sacred in my mind?" That particular escape plan had been a passing fancy, nothing more, and I had not pursued it very far before dismissing it as impractical. I was tired of being a human bulletin board.

The carriage door opened with a startling thump.

"Lady Mary has had enough visiting, sir Anborn." Thaladir's disapproval over my shouting was clearly heard in the terse way he pronounced the word 'visiting', as if it was something quite unseemly. I could see a curly head of hair just at the edge of the tall elf's shoulder, and I knew he would never turn that particular visitor away.

"I want to see Mal, anyway," I said to Anborn, and he lifted my hand and kissed it. Mal was standing in the door now, waiting for her turn, and Thaladir stood behind her, frowning. I did not have to watch him leave to know he was going to go straight to the king, and tell on me.

~ Mal ~

After our encounter with the road-building dwarves we spent the rest of that day travelling, only making a short stop for dinner in a village too small to have an inn or tavern. Thaladir managed to buy some bread and roast mutton, which we ate sitting on the slope of a low hill that, according to the seneschal, used to serve as a place for council and passing judgement. A group of children gathered around the carriages, gawking at them, and us, but they fled when Haldir tried to speak with them.

Soon we were back on the road again and while I admired the sun setting in blazing pink and orange I began to wait for the seneschal's stop signal. This evening it did not come. Sunset changed to starry twilight and then dark night, but we kept going. The road was still visible in the light of the near full moon, and I could only guess that Thaladir had decided to make up for the time lost because of the incident with the dwarves. I would have asked him, or anybody else, but for the king's command to never mention it again.

Shortly thereafter, the carriages came to a halt. It felt wonderful to stretch my legs and I took a short walk around the camp. Surprisingly, I was not sleepy, and I wanted to check on Mary. If a little food and sleep was all she needed to get well, then she ought to be fully recovered by now. Otherwise, the king would see to that.

The coming night with him belonged to her, which usually was not a problem. We both enjoyed the freedom, and well-needed rest, the arrangement offered. But here, now, when I had just recently met him again after many days of being separated, I felt a pang of the old jealousy.

Thranduil was standing by Amarth, grooming the horse with long, even strokes. I closed my eyes and pretended it was me he was paying such close attention to. My body he was stroking lovingly, my hair he was combing. He would kiss the stallion, too, a soft peck on the animal's velvety muzzle, and whisper in his ears, like I had seen all the elves do with the horses now and then.

"So, you are 'pretty' happy with your king?" Thranduil's sudden appearance behind me made me jump, as usual, but I understood instantly what he was talking about my unguarded comment to Bembo the dwarf-foreman about service to the Elvenking being bearable most of the time, or something equally carelessly worded. A sardonic smile was now playing on said king's lips, but his eyes were narrow and I could not tell if he was truly annoyed or not.

"That's not what I meant," I told him, honestly.

"Answer me." His firm hold around my upper arm asked for a better reply.

"I am wholly contented, most honoured, and furthermore, delighted to be in the service of the great Elvenking. You know that."

"It pleases me to hear you say it." His gaze became softer and his smile wider, but he did not let go of my arm.

"But," I explained, "I didn't think that... that... person, I mean that..." I held my breath and continued only after he nodded "dwarf would be quite as much into formal speech as Thaladir. I wanted to keep it simple."

"My seneschal's love for the complicated is indeed great, but simplification is a peril of its own."

"I will heed my words better in the future. I didn't mean to be rude."

"You are forgiven. My desire is to see you happy as well as pretty." He raised his hand and caressed my cheek gently.

"You mean you want to see me 'naked'."

"What impertinence!" He grinned. "You assume to read your king's thoughts."

"That would only be fair, wouldn't it?"

"If it is your desire to see Mary, you should go to her immediately. Or you will have to wait until much later."

The sudden gleam in his eyes left no doubt as for the reason. He intended to keep her occupied for a long time, in very pleasurable ways. Jealousy struck again, and I turned away from him before I would say something stupid. Thranduil could not bear whining.

"Good girl," I felt, more than heard, him whisper into my ear, and then he ran his hand over my back, much like he had done with Amarth earlier. All negative emotions disappeared, and when I reached the big carriage I honestly hoped to see Mary well enough to be able to fully appreciate the king's nightly visit.

Thaladir was standing outside the door, wearing his infamous frown. This made me become slightly worried again.

"Is she still unwell," I asked him. "Can she not receive visitors?"

"Lady Mary has achieved a sufficient level of rest and, furthermore, displays an unquenchable want for distraction. You may visit her, however, I would appreciate your bringing hence the tea that is currently being prepared by Miriel."

I was somewhat mystified that the seneschal didn't just go and fetch it himself, as he rarely asked for even small services, but the reason became clear as soon as I returned with the mug in hand. With an air of immense satisfaction he knocked on the carriage door and declared that it was time for Anborn to leave. Mary's raised voice could be heard from within, but there was no other response. Thaladir's frown came back, and, after opening the door, he repeated the message. This time the ranger left, but not until he had kissed Mary's hand right in front of Thaladir's face. That Anborn was surely a brave man.

I told Mary so, and for a while we discussed the man. I was beginning to find him interesting, him and his curious habit of calling me 'Lady of the Squirrels'. She couldn't solve the riddle, or in any case didn't get much time to try. Almost as soon as she had accepted the tea, and confirmed that she was well, the king was standing by the door, declaring his intention to spend the night with her. It was my cue to leave, which I did as swiftly as I could. I had accepted that he would be with her, but I didn't want to see any of it, not even a hand kiss!

~ Mary ~
Before Anborn left the carriage, he paused in the doorway to formally greet the 'dear Lady of the Squirrels', and then he bade us both a good night's sleep. Mal shook her head slightly, although she had to smile at his charming nature, as she came in to see me. She bore a mug of something, apparently hot, as a curl of steam rose from it. Even from a distance, it smelled suspiciously like one of Thaladir's teas.

The after-effects Mal had from the ent-draught were still quite visible to me, and I could not help but feel a twinge of jealousy again. It was supposed to be my night with Thranduil, but I was sure Thaladir would put his foot down and not allow it. After the past few days of bringing his seneschal to the brink of rage over his spendthrift ways, the king would probably not defy him tonight, especially when he had his shiny new concubine on hand. The tea was most likely drugged, too.

"Do you know what I think Anborn means by that 'Lady of the Squirrels' comment?" Mal asked me, while she sat on the bed next to me. She held the mug out and I pretended I did not see it.

"That he thinks you have bright eyes and a bushy tail?"

"No, I am serious," she replied, giggling, and not understanding my reference. "I think he is referring to my residing in Thranduil's forest, famous for the black squirrels."

"Ah, now, you could be on to something." I was grateful she did not mention me. "Those Gondorians love to give cute little titles to things, don't they?"

"It is growing on me," she said. "I wonder what it would be in Sindarin? I will have to ask His Excellency." She offered the mug again and I took it from her and held it. "He told me to give that to you so you better drink it before he comes back to check."

"I'll drink it later, after it cools down." I answered. "It tastes better that way." Truth be told, the seneschal's medicinal teas tasted just as nasty and bitter as anything can be no matter what temperature they were, but I was not ready to be drugged against my will, yet. I placed it on a small upended barrel, probably filled with wine, that served as a temporary table next to the bed.

"I was worried about you today," Mal said softly, and I sat up to hug her. We talked for a little while about my fall from Thaladir's horse, and I told her that if I had been riding with Anborn, none of it would have happened. She acted happy to see me alive.

"Did the king say anything to you about where he is spending the night?" I asked her abruptly, deciding to cut to the chase and get it over with. Thaladir's restrictions on my activities, when it came to my health and usefulness, were often laws carved in stone. If I had to feel sorry for myself, then I wanted to get a good head start.

"I will be staying in here with you," came a voice from the doorway. It was Thranduil. "Drink your tea," he added, after he escorted Mal out, patted her rear, and closed the door behind her.

"Do you know how much I hate you?" I asked him. He had removed his tunic and stood shirtless before me. It was hard to ignore the way the mellow lamplight gave his flawless skin a satin-like sheen, and illuminated the way his lean muscles flexed, and made his silken hair look like molten gold, as he bent to remove his boots and leggings. "Do you?" I repeated, even though my voice broke a little at the sight of his bared body.

"As much as I cherish you," he said while he gracefully slid under the covers and gathered me to him, wrapping his arms around me. I looked up into his face and tried to be brave.

"That's not fair, I'm mad at you for not letting me ride with Anborn," I said, pouting and trying to resist him, even though his scent filled my nostrils and made me dizzy. "You knew something was wrong with me this morning," I added, in an injured tone, "and that I would need someone to hold onto."

"In your weakened state of mind, I could not take the chance on what your tears and fabrications could accomplish with that gullible mortal. Not that I believe you would think to defy me." He said the last part with a smirk, and a tone of voice that indicated he believed the opposite. As soon as he said 'defy', I recalled the night before, and my decision to invite Anborn to my room.

"Oh, I rarely think about it, majesty," I explained, adding sweetly. "I just defy you reflexively, the way you defy Thaladir." For a half a second, the king appeared almost caught by surprise by my remark, and then he threw back his head and roared with laughter.

"And that is why I cherish you," he said, after he had calmed down to a chuckle, and then he kissed me, with a stunning degree of passion that swept me away. When he finally pulled his mouth from mine, I was crushed with disappointment that the kiss had to end. With a cry of alarm, I tried to stop him while he unwrapped his arms from around me and then sat up in the bed. Leaning over me, he picked up the tea mug and lifted me up to sit with his free hand.

"Speaking of seneschals," he said, calmly, although his glittering eyes gave away the pleasure he took from making me crazy, by acting so serene when I was still gasping from his kiss, "please drink this now, or we may receive a visitor."

Tears came into my eyes before I even knew I had been hurt by what he said. I cringed away from the proffered mug, I was sure now that it was spiked, and then I glared at the king. Did he think I could not see through his scheme?

"You want to drug me to sleep so you can spend the night with your shiny new Mal, don't you?"

~ Mal ~

After the strained moments with the dwarves earlier that day, I felt a great need to talk about it. I had hoped to tell Mary at least a little, while the king was occupied with his horse and thus less focused on us, but now the two of them were together and I hadn't had the time to mention the fact that we made a stop at all.

I did not even consider discussing it with someone else, despite how frustrating it was to have to be silent about it. I would not risk overstepping the command Thranduil had given to never mention the incident again. Pretending that it didn't happen at all was even harder. As I sat looking into the fire the flames began to take on odd, stoutish shapes, and the flakes of ash that rose into the dark sky looked just like sand flying from shovels.

I tried to suppress the images and even found myself wishing that Mary kept the king busy enough for him not to follow my thoughts even in a corner of his mind. Then Ithilwen came to my rescue. She sat down beside me and asked in her timid, but straight-forward, way what I thought about the Rohirrim and what could be expected from them in Edoras.

"They seem a bit uneasy about elves," she said, "although with their long hair they are more like us than any men I have seen."

"Except for the beards." I replied. She giggled.

"That, and the moustaches, and the dirt, and the... smell." She wrinkled her pretty nose and then added, as an afterthought, that Mary and I were different.

"From what I've heard," I told her, "they seldom saw their Lorien neighbours, and they have many superstitious tales about the powerful witch of the Golden Wood."

"Maybe that will change now." Ithilwen looked sincerely hopeful, and anybody who saw her would be unable to think elves were anything but good neighbours.

"That is possible," I said. "We were well received at the inn by the ford, and the attention the king and the others raised was mostly positive." I thought of Thaladir and his harsh negotiations. "But," I asked, reminded of Anarion's report to the seneschal that I had overheard earlier that evening, "what happened the other night? Did a group of horsemen harass you?"

"It was not so grave, although we thought so at first. The three of us were having a quiet evening, sharing a little wine with His Majesty's leave, of course around the fire. As you know, before that, we had moved the carriages away from the track, but the trees were too small and too scarce to serve as shelter."

I nodded. The plains of Rohan were one of the least ideal places for a wood-elf, and after Fangorn must seem even the more unsafe. "And then you heard a group of riders approaching?" I asked.

"We heard them from afar, and immediately put out the fire, as is our custom. We had no reason to expect hostilities, but did not wish for a meeting with them either. It seemed the easiest solution for all if they would not notice us."

"But they did?"

"They had spotted us already, the lights of the fire outlining the carriages even in the dark, and they were skilled trackers, as they must be to travel after nightfall." There was a hint of admiration in her voice. "They came to investigate, with drawn spears and bows at the ready, but they put their weapons away as soon as we told our errand. Lord Thaladir's invitation letter from their Lady Eowyn impressed them." She chuckled discreetly. "I do not think they could read it, even at daylight, but they respected the scroll as such."

"We parted on friendly terms," she continued. "They advised us not to light the fire again if we wished to avoid the attention of other patrols that might be in the area, and said they hoped to catch a glimpse of our king at the inn. Did you see them?"

"No." By the time the riders reached the inn I was already very occupied with Thranduil. "But maybe, they saw His Majesty in the morning."

"I truly hope so. Aran Thranduil is a glorious sight." She sighed happily, but her admiration was entirely pure and innocent.

My thoughts were less so, and after sharing some wine with her and Miriel, I went to look for Haldir. I could not bear the sight of the king's carriage anymore, not when I knew that Thranduil was inside it with Mary. Wasn't it rocking a little? And what were those sounds? I deliberately turned my head the other way.

~ Mary ~

"What is it about Malinorne," Thranduil asked, "that you believe I find so suddenly much more fascinating?"

For a sputtering moment, I was taken aback by his question. He sounded sincere, but was he joking or being serious? Surely the king could see the dramatic changes in his concubine.

"Don't tell me you don't notice how much better Mal looks since she drank that ent draught," I said, wary of him and his way of turning my words against me.

"Better in what way in particular?" He seemed bored by the topic, and eager to get it out of the way.

"She doesn't look different to you at all?"

"What does her appearance have to do with anything?" Thranduil smiled at me. "She is still the same person, is she not?" Before I could answer, he continued, his voice softer, and seductive. "Did you not hear me say that I was staying in here with you tonight, or were you too preoccupied with thoughts of your ranger to pay attention to your king?" His gleaming gaze, as he spoke to me, was mesmerizing.

Without another word, Thranduil held the mug to my lips and this time I took a sip. It was delicious! I almost choked from the surprise, and then took the mug into my own hands to drink some more of it. When I was finished, he took it from me and went over to the door, but since he was stark naked I had no fear that he was leaving. I just enjoyed the view. He opened it wide enough to fit the mug through, where it was taken by unseen hands.

Turning back, the king had the most unnervingly irritating grin on his face, as if he knew a great secret. I was immediately sorry that I had drank the tea.

"What?" I asked him as he got under the covers with me again, and pulled me to him.

"I want to show you something." Thranduil's voice was a whisper, but there was an odd intensity beneath it, which compelled me to be still and silent. "Close your eyes." I did so, and waited, but instead of caressing me, or kissing me, the king continued to hold me in his arms, and he began to sing.

It was not a lullaby, it was the strangest sounding song I had ever heard an elf sing. The words were not Sindarin, but they were Elvish, I knew that much. Giving up any ideas of getting more kisses, I eventually relaxed in his embrace, and let the song take me where it wanted to... because, for some reason, I knew that it was meant to take me somewhere.

I gasped and my eyes opened, even though I really did not want to open them. I was that startled. "I was home!" I cried out. "I want to go back!"

"Close your eyes," whispered Thranduil again, and he resumed singing. It took longer this time, because my heart was pounding and I was anxious to return, and then, all of a sudden, there I was again. In my room back in the king's caves, my very own room!

Turning my head in slow careful circles, as far as my neck could go in either direction, I stared around me. I tried not to do anything that would make me wake up and not be there. Whether I was under a spell, drugged by the tea, or delivered by some type of magic that only an Elvenking could perform, I did not care. I was home! Finally, I moved a step, then another, and then I ran to the closest wall and patted it. It felt solid under my hands and I sobbed.

My bed! In an instant, I was under my covers, and pulling off the shift I wore, in order to feel the familiar sheets against all of my bare skin. I drowned in the pleasure of how comfortable I felt, and how grateful I was to Thranduil for sending me there. I breathed in the familiar fragrance of my bed linens and snuggled my face into my pillow, and gave out a huge sigh of relief and satisfaction. It lasted for about five minutes. Then I sat up.

"What's the deal, majesty?" I said out loud to my stone walls, which were made, I am sure, of the same stuff that all dream walls are made of. They felt quite solid, like they would in any sleeper's dream, but that did not make them real. "Why am I here?" I was quite sure he could hear me, but I had never learned how to receive a response from him in my mind. I would have to wait until I saw him again to find out what my lesson was supposed to be.

Perhaps if I was to rise, and try to go out my door, then I would wake up and be back in the carriage bed? Was the lesson one of being careful what I wish for, because it would never be enough for me? I stared at the door, and wondered, and grew increasingly restless. I needed to know what I could do here, exactly, and how long I would get to stay...

"Hey!" I shouted. "Wait a minute! Did you send me home for real? For good?" I flew out of the bed, furious, and completely certain that I had been tricked, thoroughly, into being voluntarily tossed aside by the king. Hung on my own carefully crafted noose, too. "I don't want to be here without you!" I cried as I ransacked what was left of my wardrobe for something to wear on a horse. "I am coming after you!" I shrieked, after I found an old pair of leggings, and I shook my fist in the air. "Ha! You just watch me and see if I..."

Before I could finish my sentence, I was back in the carriage, with Thranduil, who still held me in his arms. He was laughing too hard to sing anymore, and that is why I came back so suddenly. This he told me later, after I kissed him enough to let go again. He would have loved to watch me try to ride a horse all the way back to Rohan, he added, with a chuckle.

"Very funny," I told him. "But thank you for letting me visit home." I was happy to be back in my king's arms, however, and had no more desire to return to the caves, for the moment.

~ Mal ~

My gaze fell right onto the March warden, although it took me some time to realize it was he. But as soon as I was sure, and he had acknowledged my presence, I stood really close and began to pluck at the bindings of his tunic.


"Here?" His whispered voice was amused, but there were hints of other feelings, too. "You wish me to love you on the bare ground?" Was that anticipation of pleasures to come?

"The grass is thick enough," I whispered softly, hoping to sound sexy. "I already know that your cloak is nice to lie on."

"As tempting as the idea is, this is not the time. I want you in a bed, behind a locked door where none would intrude upon us."

"I don't care about the bed or doors. Please?" He chuckled and gently took hold of my wrists to deter my hands from straying further down his torso.

"But it is a pretty night," he admitted, "and it would gladden my heart if you were to sit with me under the stars of Elbereth for a while." I pouted, but then he put a playful kiss on the tip of my nose that made me smile. "Let us move some ways from the fire."

As we crossed between the carriages I saw in the corner of my eye how Thaladir formed his lips into a self-satisfied smirk. No doubt he was congratulating himself for his idea of having Haldir satisfy my 'fleshly urges' or however the old elf had put it. Just my luck that the March warden had proved to be another fan of self-control, if not as rigid as that of the seneschal.

But, spending time alone with Haldir was always a treat, and although he had declined my invitation, he did not disappoint me. He lay down, resting on his elbow, and said nothing when I snuggled so near him that I could hear his calm, even heartbeats. That way, my view of the stars was framed by the outline of his arm and head. It was so peaceful to just lie there. Haldir liked it too, but I noticed after some time that he mostly kept his face turned towards the ground.

"You are looking more at me than the sky," I told him.

"I have gazed upon the stars for thousands of nights."

I hoped he would continue to say that my eyes were more beautiful than the creations of Varda, or some other romantic nonsense, but he didn't. He continued to look at me, though, and it felt as if he were caressing me in his mind, despite his hands being perfectly still.

"Haldir," I said. "I love to be with you just like this, but I can't help wishing you wouldn't keep me waiting for... you know." I suddenly blushed, which was totally silly under the circumstances.

"Mortals are ever impatient."

"Because we don't have the time to wait. And then I'm not talking about brief life spans, I mean us, here. According to Thaldir's schedule, we will reach Edoras tomorrow, and then we will stay there a couple of days, or weeks - he is not too precise about that - and after that we will continue towards Minas Tirith. How long will that take? I don't remember, and I have no idea how long we will remain there either, but after that, I will go back to Mirkwood, and you will return to Lorien." I even became upset from my little speech, but the elf was as calm as before when he answered me.

"It is all the same now; have you forgotten? Eryn Lasgalen. East Lorien is not that far removed from the halls of the Elvenking."

"But it will not be the same, there will be other elves everywhere, and you will have your duties, and I will have mine." He nodded. "Promise me I won't have to wait until then!"

"There are limits to my patience as well," he chuckled.

"Please say you will have me in Edoras." Now I was long past coyness and blushing. "They must have beds there, and sturdy doors with good locks!"

"I believe that can be arranged." I almost didn't believe my ears, and I had him repeat his intentions twice more, to his amusement.

Having reached my goal, I suddenly felt paralysed by sleepiness, and I suspected that if Haldir suddenly changed his mind, I would be the one to say 'later'. Summoning what energy I had left, I willed my eyelids to stay open while I gazed into his eyes that now seemed to be part of the shimmering night sky, and then I drifted into peaceful sleep.

~*~ From Thaladir's Notebook: ~*~

Status of daily schedule: N/A

Remarks: As an addendum to the previous entry I find it necessary to remark upon His Majesty's most admirable indulgence concerning his ladies of the race of Men, and furthermore, allow myself the rare occasion of noting my foresight, namely in the case of Lady Malinorne and her fleshly urges, which are currently, in complete accordance with my predictions and arrangements, being seen to by the March warden. Long live Eryn Lasgalen!

To be continued...

Mary and Mal are proud to announce that Far Beyond Mirkwood has been nominated for Best Thranduil Story! For more details, and other story nomination, check MPA Awards.

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