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Far Beyond Mirkwood, Chapter 26

Authors: Mary A and Malinornë
Pairings: Mainly Thranduil/OFCs
Warnings: Adult sexual content
Disclaimer: This is a work of amateur fanfiction of the parody type and is meant solely for entertainment purposes, no profit is made.
Chapter summary: Disappointed with both Faramir and her all too faithful Anborn, Mary learns that she has at least one lover she can always trust. Mal is less lucky at first, but her prospects grow better as the royal party advances towards Legolas’ outpost in South Ithilien.
Authors' Note: Yes, it's true! Mary is back! :)

~ Mary ~

When I woke up, I believed for a few exciting moments, while still half asleep, that I was back in the Mirkwood caves. I felt comfortably wrapped in the familiar deep darkness. The firm chest my face was resting on must have been Thranduil’s. It was a happy thought.

After a few minutes, as I woke fully, I realized that the chest I was using for a pillow had hair on it. It was a man. With a gasp I sat straight up in the bed. I remembered not just that I was with Faramir in North Ithilien, but also that I had done a bad thing, with some help from a certain elf.

Guilty, we both were, the king and I, of taking advantage of a mere mortal man whose only fault in the matter was to be on a list of noble men that Thranduil was curious about. Gently, I shook Faramir’s shoulder and whispered:

“Are you awake, your highness?”


From the sound of his voice, I could tell that he was wide awake.

“Are you angry at, um, me?” I actually wanted praise more than reassurance, even if I did not deserve it.

“Angry with you? No,” he said. “I am, however, somewhat surprised with myself. I truly believed that I was going to be able to resist your charms.”

“You were doing a very good job,” I told him. “I sort of cheated, a little.”

“You forget that I had been warned beforehand,” he said, and I could tell he was smiling. “I failed to take the warnings seriously.” He said nothing else, and the silence around us deepened. Oddly, I suddenly felt very naked, even if no one could see me. I fumbled around the furs for my shift.

“Faramir, your lordship, please tell me something.” It was hard to say what I thought, especially after the way I had attacked him. I took a breath and tried again, “Were you a virgin?” I found his clothes, and handed them to him in the dark.

I could hear water dripping somewhere, while I waited for him to answer me. It sounded as if he was going to get himself completely dressed first. After a few minutes, he spoke.

“As a Captain in the army of the White City, and a potential heir to the Stewardship of Gondor, I practiced celibacy, by choice,” he said. “Now I am promised to wed, Lady Mary. I consider it a promise of everlasting fidelity, which I take very seriously. The Lady Eowyn is a noble and pure lady.” His voice grew dreamy-sounding as he spoke about her.

“Well, yes, and I hear she is pretty good with a sword, too,” I said, and I hoped she never learned of this flea-hunting adventure in her honeymoon bed. In the dark, we both located his boots, and he sat to pull them on.

“Her sword, I do not fear,” he said, as if he thought I should. “For my part,” he went on, “I had too much respect for her to have pressed myself upon her, or any other woman, in a carnal way before we made our sacred vows. She must never learn about this night with you.”

It was maddening being in the utter darkness of the cave’s walls and unable to see his face. I hoped he was not as virtuous as he was making me think he was because I was really getting tired of it. I made a mental note to myself to avoid virgins in the future.

“Well, don’t worry; I will never say a word to anyone. You will make Eowyn a very happy woman,” I assured him. “Your bathing habits are much more evolved than the normal Rohirrim male, and that alone is a blessing.”

It was time for me to leave, before the darn fool bored me to tears with his righteousness. I felt around for my cloak, and gave up. I pulled one of the wolf pelts from the pile and wrapped it around me.

At that moment, and I was very glad to be fully covered, the door opened and torchlight filled the rocky chamber, glittering off the exposed veins of ore in the hand-hewn walls. At first, I was too dazzled by the light, even though it was not much brighter than a candle, to recognize the intruder. Faramir did not appear to be either concerned or surprised.

“I have returned to escort Lady Mary back to Osgiliath,” said Anborn. He was staring straight ahead, not looking at either of us, and he was not smiling.

“How did you know that I was here?” I asked him. Good gracious me, how many people knew where I was, and who I was with? If I knew how to blush, this would have been the perfect time to do it.

“Thranduil asked me to come at this time, my lady,” Anborn replied. He backed up through the open door, and beckoned for me to follow him through it.

“It was a pleasure showing you around my fortress, Lady Mary,” Faramir said, in a proper tone of voice, as if he had not just enjoyed something more decadent with me than a tour. Did he think it had escaped Anborn’s notice that we had been found in a completely dark bedroom?

“Anborn will now see you safely on your way,” he continued. “It is my sincere hope that you enjoy your flight back to Osgiliath.”

“You aren’t coming with us?” Even though I asked, I really did not care, and I ignored his explanations about important business that needed attending to. In fact, I was relieved. One Ranger at a time was more than enough for me. I could not wait to get back into the arms of an elf. I had, however, expected at least a kiss goodbye from Faramir, and it appeared that I was not even going to get a hand-shake. Not even a friendly wink.

Thaladir would have been so proud of him.

Without looking back into the still dark bedchamber, I followed Anborn back out into the sitting room and then out into the long corridor. He was silent and I wondered if he was imagining what had happened in that dark room before he came in to get me. If I had enjoyed myself more with Faramir, then I would have been quiet, maybe.

“I am so glad that you came when you did,” I told him, while I took his arm and snuggled up to him, as soon as I felt we were far enough away from Faramir’s ears. I waited for him to ask me why, and waited, and waited. Anborn kept his eyes focused straight ahead and he did not even glance down at me, let alone speak.

After lowering my voice to a scandalized-sounding whisper, I added, “I think Lord Faramir was trying to seduce me. I don’t know what would have happened to me if you hadn’t have come just in time.” I tried to sound breathless and still a bit frightened.

He stopped dead in his tracks and stared down at me, as if I had just uttered something blasphemous about the Valar. I am sure that he was just about to say something to me, but I did not let him, yet.

“I know how far-fetched that sounds, Anborn, darling,” I said quickly, and I tugged at his arm to get him moving again. I did not want Faramir to catch up with us, in case he remembered that he wanted to kiss me good-bye after all. “You think that because he is betrothed to Eowyn then he would never want another woman, right?”

“Lady Mary,” he began, “Captain Faramir would nev...,” but I interrupted him again.

“You see, what I think is that he is jealous of you,” I said. He started to shake his head in denial, but his head shook more slowly as I continued, “Faramir has a lot of respect for elves, right? And he knows that you have practically stolen a woman away from the high-born Elvenking, and that must make him think very highly of you.”

“There is some truth in what you say,” he replied slowly and a bit too sceptically for me. “I will not, however, believe that Captain Faramir would behave dishonorably.”

“Oh, he was very honourable. But, do you know what he told me?” I paused and looked over my shoulder before I finished. “He claims that he is a virgin. And this was right after he blew out the candle in his bedchamber. I think he wanted me to throw myself on him. Maybe he thought I could teach him how to please Eowyn, or something, do you think so?”

He did not answer me right away, but that was more due to the fact that we had reached the waterfall curtain, and I could not have heard him even if he had screamed right into my ear. Soon we were back on the stone stairway, and I had to walk right behind him, in case I slipped. The sun was high in the sky, I realized with some surprise. I must have slept for a long while.

“I do not understand why Captain Faramir would tell you that...” Anborn sighed and seemed to have trouble finishing his thought. Then he said, “What he told you and how he told you, it might have been as you said, or it might have not been. I only know that he would never have acted dishonorably.”

“Perhaps you are right,” I said. “I must have over-reacted to what might have been just an innocent comment on his part. It is probably unseemly to speculate, so let us pretend that it never happened.” I looked up at him and he returned my smile. Even though I am pretty sure that he was still not convinced about my innocence, I do not believe he thought much more had happened when I was alone with Faramir than some naughty conversation.

We had reached the bottom of the staircase, and the eagle was there waiting for us. As we flew back to Osgiliath, I took the time to admire the scenery below us. Anborn was much cuddlier than Faramir, and we even smooched a little bit before we landed. I was very pleased with not having to hear any proposals of marriage and I hoped that meant that Thranduil had finally set everything straight.

The king and Mal were not back yet, but they came soon after we had landed in the ruined city. I saw Mal first, and although I wanted to tell her every detail about what an absolutely evil thing the king had made me do to Faramir, I kept it mostly to myself. She never could understand what happened when I was a bridge.

For her sake, I even pretended that he was so boring and dull that I had come back the night before. Her ordeal in Mordor was much scarier than my time with Faramir, and it was time for her to be the heroine in a tale. At least this once.

To the king, I said, “I wish you hadn’t used me, I mean, deserted me so..., um, so soon last night. That was not a pleasant sensation, in fact, it was almost shocking!” He knew what I meant. “I think that you owe me an apology.”

“Perhaps I will more than make up for my transgression when I get you alone with me tonight,” he replied nonchalantly.

~ Mal ~

Thranduil was very quiet on the way back to Osgiliath. Although his previous agitation had seemingly been replaced by calm acceptance I understood that seeing an orc in a human settlement had touched him deeply. Legolas was wise enough not to bring up the topic and Thaladir appeared to be pretending it had never happened.

As soon as we landed, the seneschal disappeared to make arrangements for our onward journey to Legolas’ Ithilien outpost, which was to begin that same afternoon. The prolonged sightseeing of Mordor had upset his planning once again and he was clearly now eager to get us back on schedule as soon as possible. With an early start, we should arrive by noon the next day.

Mary came to greet me and Thranduil. She was even happier to see us than could be expected after just a day’s absence. But then, she had no means of knowing about our unplanned overnight stop at the tall rock, unless Thranduil told her by that strange manner of communication she sometimes bragged about and which always made me feel left out.

It was evident that he had not told her, I noted smugly. The shock and despair she claimed she had felt when ‘losing’ him from her mind seemed real enough, although I was sure she was exaggerating as usual. Her time away had been spent with the handsome prince Faramir whom she had been eager to seduce, so she could not possibly have suffered half as much as she tried to tell Thranduil. Whether he believed her or not, he kissed her for an unnecessarily long time.

“Oh, Mal,” she said when we were left to ourselves, sitting on a half-ruined wall and watching the spectacle of the king’s out-size carriage being loaded and then moved across the Anduin on an even bigger barge. “You cannot believe what a bore that man was. Even Thaladir, the old grouch, is more passionate! He would hardly even look at my bare naked self!”

“Really?” I had not counted on any Middle-earth mortal to show half as much restraint and strength of character as the seneschal always did. The Lord of Dale had been more than eager to sample as much as he could of the Elvenking’s property, and Eomer had fallen for Mary the moment she had made her interest clear to him.

“It’s Eowyn’s fault. He’s in love with her.” She made a sour face.

This news made me happy to hear. The kind and generous lady of Rohan deserved a devoted, faithful husband.

“How inconvenient,” I said. “I’m sorry you didn’t get to have your way with him.”

“Oh, I did,” she beamed. “Thranduil did it.”

I chose not to remark on the absurdity of the latter statement, seeing how our king had been miles and miles away when it supposedly happened.

“Unfortunately,” she continued, “we scared the poor man. Some people really are very ungrateful.”

Thaladir, having deemed our wall a beneficial vantage point for overseeing the carriage’s short voyage, confirmed that the Ithilien prince had left soon after our eagle landed and without properly saying farewell to King Thranduil.

“His Majesty has, however, been most graceful in granting the prince forgiveness for his rudeness. Apparently, the young man had matters of great urgency to tend to in Edoras.”

“Edoras! Why did he go there?” asked Mary and seemed to think for a second before she answered her own question. “He’s gone to hide under Eowyn’s skirts.”

Thaladir looked shocked at the idea. “My dear lady,” he said to her sternly, “Most certainly the noble prince would never commit such a reckless act, considering the modest customs of Rohan and the embarrassment such bold behaviour in public would bring his esteemed betrothed.”

“She meant to accuse him of cowardice, not boldness,” said I.

The seneschal appeared even more shocked. “I must certainly protest indeed! His Highness Prince Faramir is a warrior highly renowned for his courage, as well as his wisdom. His reason for seeking out the lady in question is most honourable, namely to promote his betrothed’s imminent departure for Gondor and thereby subsequent hasten their wedding. The prince was most distraught over his current, most unfortunate state of separation from his beloved Lady Eowyn of Rohan.”

“What a wimp!” declared Mary. She was saved from further lecturing by an elf asking for Lord Thaladir’s directions for the transportation of the horses.

I then found out that not only had Faramir fled from her, but had also taken with him her pet ranger Anborn, as well as most of the handsome men that had so eagerly gathered around her when we first came to Osgiliath. She must really be feeling alone then! At least it would be her turn to have our king’s full attention this coming night.

We left for South Ithilien as planned, to the seneschal’s great contentment and everybody else’s relief. By now, our party was considerably bigger than the group that once set out from Mirkwood: the king and his seneschal, Mary and I, our ladies-in-waiting, Miriel and Ithilwen, and the king’s honour guard Anarion – who I had come to suspect accompanied us more for his love for Ithilwen, than out of any necessity for an extra sword-arm. Haldir had come with us from Lorien as Galadriel’s special envoy, and now there was Legolas of course with his group of younger Mirkwood elves, and Feredir, the wild wood-elf who had spied us out on the way from Edoras.

As we crossed the river, I overheard a short argument between Haldir and one of the remaining rangers on the fascinating topic of elves knowing less about wagons than the average Ithilien farm boy, and so it was no surprise to find that the smaller carriages Mary and I had used earlier had been left behind in Osgiliath, as their condition were deemed too poor to be safe. Neither of us were sorry to travel instead in Thranduil’s enormous carriage, his mobile combination of throne room and bedroom that was built to be as impressive and comfortable as possible – more for the benefit of visiting humans than the king himself, who was annoyingly simple in many of his habits and would have been content to travel on horseback the whole way, if Thaladir had let him.

The broad and much used Harad road provided perfect conditions and we both sat back on the double bed, enjoying the most comfortable and civilized part of our journey so far – Mary even took a nap. Admittedly, it was a serious drawback that Thranduil was not with us, but preferred to ride on Amarth. Mary insisted that he would soon tire of the horse and come play with us instead. I had my doubts, as the king’s stamina is excellent in everything he sets his mind to, and so if he wanted to ride, that is what he would do.

So far, he had only used the carriage during breaks or when there was a need to make an impressive entry into a settlement of mortals. But it was fun to giggle and talk about all the naughty fun we were going to have once our king chose to join us, and to pick out the most alluring little dresses from the clothes’ chest. A couple of times we saw the Elven-king through the open window and each time he turned his handsome face towards us with a wide grin that made my heart go pit-a-pat with excitement. When the carriage slowed down I held my breath.

“I am sorely tempted to have you both tonight,” Thranduil said in a low voice after the appreciative glances and strategic fondling that followed his entrance into the carriage. “But alas, a king must keep his word and I have promised my full attentions to Mary, for now.” He pulled me onto his lap and gave me a plundering kiss – yet there was no doubt of him speaking the truth. “Your turn will come,” he whispered a moment before licking my ear, at the same time as his hand explored the moist area between my thighs. “And it will be soon.”

Aroused by his presence as much as his actions, I felt like swooning, almost dizzy with the lightness of mind that came over me. I felt safe again, loved on a profound level, this was my king returned to me as his old self. I clung to him and he allowed it for a moment, holding me tenderly before standing me on my feet and sending me off with a light pat on my behind.

“Go now,” he said with a hearty laugh, “before you tempt me further.” Mary scooted onto his lap and he began to fondle her – she purred like a kitten and was all over him in moments. I turned away in a pang of jealousy and made for the carriage door. The king’s baritone halted me.

“As much as I appreciate seeing you in that little dress, I wish not to lose my seneschal to shock.” He laughed again, and the impression I got was that he would not be overly distraught if Thaladir caught a glimpse of me in my present state of half-dress.

Though definitely not a prude, the seneschal would hardly approve if such a favour were to be bestowed upon everyone in our group, so I pulled a light, covering cloak over my head out of consideration for the old elf’s sense of propriety in public. The poncho-style garment left enough possibilities of glimpses through the long slits at the sides.

I made a quick departure as the king lay down on the bed with his ‘bridge’, and the last thing I heard was Thranduil’s voice, full of promise, followed by Mary’s enthusiastic cries over whatever it was that he wanted to ‘show’ her this time.

~ Mary ~

As soon as Mal and I were inside the carriage, I claimed the bed for a nap. I wanted to be well-rested for my time alone with Thranduil. Riding along in the kingly carriage was much more comfortable than Faramir’s furry bed.

At last, at last, at last, I was going to be alone with Thranduil. All I could think about was that once we were alone, and the king had a chance to kiss me, it would make me forget my own name, along with all of the questions I had for him. I was prepared for him to want to bridge with me almost immediately; I could feel that much from him after he joined Mal and me in the carriage. I tried to avoid him, after he sent Mal off, which was a foolish notion in such a small space.

“Before you kiss me, I jus...” That was all I managed to say before he grabbed and kissed me. I did remember my name, but just barely, when he finally broke away from me to let me catch my breath.

“Now,” he said, while he removed my shift, my dress had somehow been removed during the kiss, “what did you want to ask me?”

“Ask you? Oh, right, I did want to ask you something...” I had to break off and just moan a little bit, instead, because the wicked king’s hands were cupping my breasts, and the touch of his stroking fingers was getting harder to ignore by the second. “It doesn’t matter,” I managed to gasp out. “It will last until later on.”

“Nonsense,” Thranduil said, after picking me up and then dropping me down on the bed. I had hoped that he was going to leap on top of me, but he merely smiled and reached for the wine jug. “Please, ask me anything you want. I desire your undivided attentions tonight, and I do not wish to suffer through a sudden seizure of remembered guilt while I am having my way with you.”

He had sat down next to me, and wagged his eyebrows when he mentioned ‘having his way’, which usually made me giggle, while he poured us both some wine.

Well. I did not giggle, because I actually felt like a doxy at that moment. The king was fully clothed and totally unaffected by our kiss, while I was still panting from the interrupted passion. Until this instance, I had never felt used before. Up until now, every challenge he had given me had been fun, for me. Being able to spend time alone with him had seemed almost too much of a reward in exchange. I could see now that my amusements and diversions were like a toy for Thranduil to play with.

People, other people, could get hurt. As long as he was amused, then it did not matter what I did, or how I did it. I had no rules. He did not really care.

Was I the biggest fool in Middle-earth? Or was I just the king’s personal Fool? Every court has a jester. Too late, I remembered something else important, oh, that darn king with his memory-erasing kisses; he could also read my thoughts.

“You are so much more than a mere toy to me, my dear,” he said. “And you are far too lovely to be a jester.” His eyes were kind, and gentle, instead of mocking or cruel. He stood up and began removing his clothes. Instead of watching him, I stayed very still, gazed down at my wine and cleared my thoughts. As soon as I did, instead of re-evaluating my position in life, a picture popped into my mind. Was it..? Could it be Faramir? It was he, riding away from me on a horse.

“Oh!” I cried. “I remember now what I wanted to ask you!” My wine splashed over my hand.

“Somehow,” the king said dryly, “I had an idea that you would.” He tapped his head while he took my wine away from me, and set it down on the floor.

“Did Faramir go to Rohan to confess all to Eowyn?” My wet, sticky hand went to my neck without my conscious command for it to do so. She would kill me, I just knew it. I would kill her, or try to anyway, if the situation was reversed. But she had a sword. Maybe more than one.

Thranduil’s hand covered mine and lifted it away from my neck.

“You have nothing to fear,” he said, while he turned my wine-covered hand this way and that, as if inspecting it. “Faramir is actually too much of a gentleman to trouble Lady Eowyn’s heart with such nonsense. Your secret is safe, and so is your pretty neck. Now, lie back, I think that you have something to show me.” His smile was charming and his eyes were glittery from the reflected candlelight.

Slowly, while he kept his gaze locked to mine, he gently licked all of my fingers clean. Then he turned my hand over and nibbled on my palm, which tickled. He leaned closer to me and dug his fingers into my hair at the nape of my neck. He held the back of my head still in his hand and I gasped when I felt his tongue on my throat, where I had grabbed at it with my sticky hand.

“Kiss me again,” I whispered. It might have been closer to a sob.

He was right; I did have something to show him.

~ Mal ~

Outside the king’s carriage, I was immediately intercepted by his seneschal, who almost smiled at the sight of my seemly clothing. He even bowed slightly.

“My lady,” he said as he offered me his arm, “we will proceed as soon as the horses have rested, wherefore a portion of repose, as well as nutritional intake, would be most highly recommended.”

I chose not to tell him that I had done nothing in Thranduil’s carriage but rest and nibble on the king’s stash of nuts and fruits. Anything would be welcome that could chase the image of Mary and Thranduil together out of my head.

There was just enough time for some pleasant talk with Miriel and Ithilwen, who chatted rather excitedly about the wonders of the Ithilien outpost and all the work that needed to be done there. One could almost think they intended to settle down there. By the time Thaladir announced that the break was over I was filled with expectations and eager to get there by whatever means.

“My lady,” said the seneschal, “you will ride with me.”

I had wondered about the further transport, not looking forward to being on my own on horseback. The elves’ horses were always well behaved, but I still felt a little uncertain around the large animals. Riding with Thaladir was a nice surprise. There would be nothing to fear, absolutely nothing, and I might even get the chance to tease him a little. The earlier conversation with Mary, as well as the brief encounter with the Elvenking, had left me in a mood for unseemliness.

Apparently, Thaladir had noticed. We had only ridden a short distance in our position in the middle of the caravan when his hand around my waist – the one not holding the reins – began to wander underneath my cloak. At first, it was the very light touch of his fingers brushing against the side of my breast – almost a question.

“Yes,” I whispered as I leaned back against his chest and turned my head to see his expression. He was looking ahead at the road as if nothing in the world was more important, but I could feel interest growing in his nether regions. “Yes, please, Your Excellency,” I said huskily, noting how his eyes almost glazed over for a moment before his unconcerned air was restored. He nodded and then began a tantalizingly slow exploration of as much of me as he could reach.

Caresses as light as the touch of a butterfly’s wings, always gentle, never demanding, but repeated with impeccably consistent intervals that increased my arousal with the inevitability of an approaching storm. I felt like I was soaring among clouds and ever so little more would be required to tip me over the edge of bliss. But then he stilled his fingers until I relaxed and just before I was going to beg him to touch me again, he did. I lost track of how many times this was repeated, but eventually I had enough. I wanted him to fuck me, and now!

“Please, Thaladir, Your Excellency...” I begged, hoping to once again see the expected effect of ‘please’ in combination with his title.

This time the seneschal did not give in, but delivered a little speech in a dry, but amused sort of way. “Allow me to remind you, my lady, of our current location astride my most noble steed,” he said. “Although I have certainly heard of such practices occurring amongst the Rohirrim I do, however, believe that the couples desperate enough to pursue such an uncomfortable fulfilment of their desires do at least have the modesty to seek a solitude far greater than is offered to us in the midst of a caravan.”

“We could stop for a while, behind those trees over there – see? It needn’t take long, I promise, and we could easily catch up with the others. Thaladir? Please?” I’m afraid I sounded rather whiny.

“My lady, contrary to popular belief, succumbing to lower instincts for immediate gratification does not necessarily lead to the ultimate satisfaction. To the contrary, I have noted most satisfying results after a certain period of continence.”

“Well I haven’t!” I said rather angrily, now more than a little frustrated with this elf who would take me to the verge of completion and apparently hold me there forever.

“All the better reason then to control yourself presently, my lady. Aforementioned exercises are most beneficial for the mind and, furthermore, will greatly enhance the carnal experience on the limited occasions when self-control is finally lifted.”

“Perhaps we should trade places then,” I snarled. “I’ve had all the exercise I need, thank you.”

Thaladir must have realized that I had reached my limits, for he made a quick halt to get off the horse and then up again, this time in front of me. I am rarely given the chance to hold him like that and for quite some time I was happy to just lean my head against his back. Then my fingers began to travel, downwards, to the very junction of his thighs. I rested them there for a moment, waiting for a protest. Apparently, he considered the cover of his tunic enough privacy.

I enjoyed stroking him as expertly as I could – the prospect of undoing the stone-faced seneschal would have been an excellent challenge even had I been less interested in giving him pleasure. Now, I was eager to torment him as much as possible in return for what he had just put me through. I noted with satisfaction that he was not in full control of himself, but occasionally let out a sigh, masked as throat-clearing. His erect member twitched in a quite lovely way, too. Soon I found myself seriously considering whether there would be a way for me to take him into my mouth while still on horseback.

Luckily, Haldir rode up to us before I could make any serious attempt to scandalize the seneschal. I quickly arranged my hands modestly around his waist.

“I regret to interrupt anything,” said the march warden, “but our king desires his concubine’s presence.” He said it with the defiant hint in his voice that seemed to creep in whenever he spoke with Thranduil or Thaladir.

“I do hope he wants more than that,” I replied, winking. The thought that I would soon be in the Elven-king’s bed improved my mood instantly.

“I could show you if you come closer,” retorted the elf with a bold grin. “Or let me just say that he wants nothing less than what you have already shared with his seneschal, unless I am mistaken.”

I laughed and Haldir quickly moved to the side and then rode off. I could well understand him – Thaladir’s expression as we stood on the ground was acerbic.”Please forgive him, Your Excellency,” I said. “He was just being silly.”

“For your sake, my lady, I will,” said Thaladir as he escorted me to the king’s carriage. “Allow me to thank you for a most beneficial and furthermore enjoyable exercise which has been its own reward.”

His facial expression was as stiff as his cock had been, but I could not think he was anything other than serious. Mary may exaggerate when she says that the old grouch has never joked in his whole life, but I strongly believe she comes close to the truth.

Thranduil was waiting to greet me. “Come with me,” he whispered hoarsely in my ear as he lifted me in his arms and carried me into the vehicle.

Mary was still there, sound asleep and stretched out across the sheets where she snored with cute little puffs. My initial disappointment at seeing her occupy the bed was soon replaced by excitement with the creative use the king made of his desk, not to mention his most royal sceptre.

~*~ From Thaladir's Notebook ~*~

Status of daily schedule: Accomplished

Remarks: Its most revolting beginning notwithstanding, the present day has since elapsed in a highly agreeable fashion commencing with our timely departure from Osgiliath. Although Lady Mal regrettably disappoints me somewhat with regards to patience, the lady’s eagerness deserves praise and further training would be advisable, as well as most enjoyable for both parties concerned. Finally, it should be noted that His Majesty is indeed most pleased to be reunited with Lady Mary and utilizes travel time with his mortal ladies highly efficiently. Long live Eryn Lasgalen!

To be continued...

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