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Far Beyond Mirkwood, Chapter 7/?

Authors: Mary A and Malinornë
Pairings: Mainly Thranduil/OFCs
Warnings: Adult sexual situations, naughty elf behavior, three-some sex, nudity.
Disclaimer: This is a work of amateur fanfiction of the parody type and is meant solely for entertainment purposes, no profit is made.
Chapter summary: : Mary meets more ents in Orthanc and learns some history. Haldir makes Mal an offer she can't refuse. Surprise visitors arrive, much to Thaladir's annoyance.

~ Mary~

The sight of the crowd of ents huddled in the corridor, after they had been accidentally discovered, was funny, because they seemed to be more afraid of me than I felt of them. They continued to stand stick-straight and wide-eyed until I giggled at them. More than a few of them smiled with visible relief. By this time, Doron, my slow-poke escort, approached us, wheezing noisily, as if he was out of breath from chasing after me.

"Lady Maaary," he said grumpily, stretching out the vowels of my name as slowly as he moved, and he talked even more slowly when he said, "you must use far less haste in your movements about Orthanc; it is not safe to dash around inside of a tower made of iron-stone, and you are very small."

This old Doron and Thaladir would have loved each other, I thought, although the seneschal could certainly walk much faster. A few of the ents in the corridor were relaxed enough to sway and hum slightly after he spoke, as if they were in agreement with him.

"Hey! I'm not so small that I can't..., um, I am sorry I ran off like that, but I was being very careful," I said to Doron, remembering my manners in time. "I could tell from all of the noise they were making that I would find a few Onodrim here." I directed this last part to the birch-tree ent that had apologized to me, not yet knowing his name and yet hoping to impress him with my Elvish. He smiled.

"I just wasn't expecting to see so many of you," I explained further to the ents, "that's all, and it was startling. I am pleased to meet you, all of you." If Thaladir had seen my curtsy, he would have been very proud.

"The pleasure is ours, dear lady. Let me introduce myself, my name is Nembrethil." The birch tree ent stepped out from the crown and bowed from the middle, it was cute.

While we were talking, even more of them were showing up; I could see the tops of their leafy heads crowding in behind the front rows. The light in the corridor came mainly from a lone flickering tallow lamp, which was cleverly attached to the slick surface of the polished stone wall. I noticed the ents avoided it, leaving a wide circle around the glowing sconce, to avoid the flames.

"We heard what you said," spoke a deep, slow voice from someone hidden from my view, inside the group, "regarding the servants' quarters in Orthanc."

The unseen speaker paused, and the other ents made noises in response, like a low murmuring that became almost a chant, at one point reaching a crescendo that sounded, or maybe I should say felt like, a muffled boom, as if to signal that they were in agreement. After that, they fell quiet, and the voice continued, "Lady Mary, the homes of the slaves and servants of Isengard were all destroyed during our assault on Saruman."

This was answered first with a veritable chorus of hoots and loud hums, and then the rhythmic sing-song murmurs, again, with the same dramatic 'boom' at the end. I gathered that they were all at the battle of Isengard, from the way their eyes lit up, and their branchy tops wagged to and fro as they chanted. I also figured out that they were speaking to each other in their own language, incomprehensible to me.

When it was quiet again, Nembrethil, who talked much faster than the other ents, but not as fast as Bregalad, went on to explain to me how no one, save a few chosen individuals, such as the former White Wizard's personal retainers, stray visitors, and the like, seemed to have even been allowed into the tower when Saruman lived there. Those chosen few did not necessarily stay the night inside the tower.

"The guests of the Wizard stayed in chambers that were built into the great ring-wall that once surrounded the valley," he explained. "It was wide, and tall, and also filled with, hmm, their name is long in my tongue, those vermin, hmm." He thought for a time and then said, "Yrch is what I am told the elves call them..."

"Orcs?" I prompted.

"Orcs, indeed," Nembrethil replied. "Although that is a far too hasty of a name for those burarum morimaite sincahonda..." He stopped himself and was silent for more than a few moments before saying, "They did great evil, those orcs that were in league with the wicked Saruman." His sonorous voice throbbed with suppressed rage. This last pronouncement brought the loudest and most prolonged chant from the ents, and this time the last 'boom' was distinct enough to echo through the corridor. It made me jump and then I began to shiver, or perhaps I was just cold.

"Is there anywhere nicer in this tower than this gloomy place?" I asked. The chanting started up anew, and while I waited for them to finish, my teeth began to chatter. It was not very much more comfortable to be inside than outside, I decided, even though it had been interesting to explore.

Because we were in the inner corridors of the tower, the sunlight and air from outside could not reach in, which kept the dampness locked in. Even in the ancient chambers, the windows were mere slits in the walls at this height, for defense purposes, I assumed. My cloak kept my body warm, but the stone floors were almost as cold as ice, and the chill soaked in through my boot's soles. The coldness crept up to my knees.

"There are much more habitable areas in Orthanc, Lady Mary," Nembrethil finally said, adding, "Saruman's former living chambers were quite comfortable." My hopes rose until he continued, "But they are near to the top, and the climb is long, and, for us, precarious."

Some of the stairways nearest the top of the tower, there turned out to be several of them, again for defense reasons, were very steep. The often top-heavy tree creatures would topple backwards if they did not walk with extreme caution and their heads held low. Walking down those stairs was just as dangerous, if not more so.

"Don't worry, I hate climbing up anything that I don't have to climb," I reassured him. "If I can't be carried that is," I added, "and I suppose if you carried me that would make you even more top-heavy."

"Let us take Lady Mary to the Willow Window," suggested a light and almost airy, although still slow, voice from the crowd. "It is not too far to climb, and the sun is just peeping out; it will be pleasant there now."

Whatever a 'willow window' was, it sounded wonderful to me, and I was eager to see it. I decided to mind my manners and wait for the ents to come to an agreement first, or I would have dashed off to find it on my own.

~ Mal~

I felt myself blush to the very roots of my hair as Haldir's words repeated themselves inside my head. A problem? I? Something Thaladir couldn't take care of? In the heat of the night, turning to Haldir had seemed to be the ideal solution to the problem with my growing desire for someone to love me in the king's absence, as his seneschal didn't consider himself authorized to accept an invitation to share my bed in a more intimate sense than sleeping on the same patch of grass in Quickbeam's ent-house.

Now, I felt incredibly embarrassed. I couldn't believe that Thaladir had actually talked to Haldir about it! I wondered how he had worded it. Had it been an order, something like: 'Attention! Go sleep with Lady Mal, forward march!'? Or, maybe more of a polite request: 'Would you please take Lady Mal to bed at your earliest convenience'? And what if Haldir had refused?

"What did he tell you?" I asked the Lórien elf, making an effort to sound calm and unconcerned.

"Much less than you seem to think. As a matter of fact, the old elf said nothing of the nature of the problem, only that it was something I would be better suited to take care of than he." I sighed with relief. Haldir smiled and stroke my hand gently. "But," he continued, "I had a notion already then, and it has been confirmed by the rosy colour of your cheeks." He winked playfully as I touched my burning face.

"I'm sorry," I told him. It all seemed very silly now, and I knew that Haldir preferred to take the initiative. He must be quite amused, and none too attracted, by my lack of self-control. "I didn't mean to bother you. Can you please forgive me? And just forget about this?"

"What will you give me if I do? This time, my silence would cost more than a kiss."

"Two kisses? Three? How about if I do your chores for the rest of your week?"

"A novel idea, although I believe I have some skills that make me more suited to carry out my duties myself. Besides, I have no desire to forget."


"To the contrary, I have every intention to help you with that problem of yours. I expect it to be well worth my time." His smirk turned into a leer, which made me quickly turn my head and stare at the water lilies while I took in what he had just said. Haldir was not appalled; he still wanted me! His hand that placed itself casually at the small of my back and then began to glide downwards confirmed my thoughts.

"When?" I whispered, still keeping my gaze firmly at the flowers.

"How about now?" he purred. "The stealth of the Wardens of the Golden Wood is legendary, and if you take but a step behind this alder tree, the others will not notice." The idea was tempting and I felt the little hairs at the back of my neck rise as he pressed his hand firmer against me. "What do you say? Yes?" His velvety voice seemed to stroke me in all the right places, too, and I felt myself beginning to tingle with anticipation.

"No." If I was finally to be intimate with Haldir again, I wanted to savour it, not waste it on a quickie behind some tree and in constant fear of being observed by a whole group of elves, not to mention ents. He removed his hand at once, and I turned to look at him. "Tonight," I said. "When we can be alone." He nodded, serious now.

"As you wish. It will give me time to... plan my approach." He pronounced the last words very carefully, and they dripped with promise of pleasures to come. I shivered. The afternoon seemed endless already.

~ Mary~

Despite its sleek, unbroken, multi-sided appearance, the tower of Orthanc was not made from a solid block of stone. It was built with four separate enormous pieces, of whatever kind of mineral substance it is made out of, which were welded, or in some mysterious way seamlessly attached together, so that the tower seemed to have been carved out of a single massive shiny black rock.

The ents said that they called it 'iron-stone' because it was so hard, but they could not tell me what kind of stone it really was. No one was left alive in these lands who could remember; the elves did not build the fortress and the ents were not around while it was being built. As long as trees were not cut to make it, they did not care enough to investigate any further. No matter what kind of rock it was made of, it was not the coziest way to live.

The willow window was an enormous balcony carved into the side of the tower wall, about halfway up, and it was wide open to the fresh air. There was a waist-high banister to prevent accidental falls, but otherwise the platform was barren of anything like a comfortable place to sit for a minute after climbing several brutally steep staircases.

We were facing south-east, the Misty Mountains dominated the view, just as the last of the rain clouds drifted away towards west. Sunlight spilled warmth and light on the balcony and I turned my face up to it in gratitude. I noticed that most of the ents lifted their branchy bits up to the light, too.

The fair-voiced ent, who had a willowy aspect, approached me and introduced himself as Hirdathar, and then he took over my tour. He seemed to be the expert.

First, Hirdathar pointed out the Isen river, which flowed out of the mountains and went past the valley; it was a long bluish haze in the distance. Then he directed me to notice a new branch of the river, he seemed to be very proud of it, a swiftly running stream that flowed in a meandering course through the vale, and back out again to join the main river.

During their great assault on Isengard, by digging trenches and destroying Saruman's dam up in the mountains, the ents had diverted the course of the river Isen itself, causing it to flood the 'bowl' of the Wizard's evil vale, submerging everything but the tower.

The ents had repaired the deliberate breach in Saruman's dam, and restored the river Isen to its regular state, but left one of the trenches open, allowing a small part of the waters' flow into the stream I saw, to use as irrigation for the garden restoration project. Hirdathar called it the 'Isenlet', but he made it clear this was not an official name.

More important than the stream, I was told, were the new trees growing along its sculpted banks. I took a second look. They were all willows, and there were masses of them, but I did not understand what was so special about them.

"They were planted in tribute to the fair willow mead of Nan-Tathren," explained Hirdathar. His voice had a dreamy quality to it as he continued, "The music of their glimmering leaves will someday fill this green and graceful valley with a tranquil melody."

From up in the tower, looking down, the rounded tops of the small willow trees were a uniform pale green, but when the breezes touched them, the undersides of their leaves flashed like they were coated with something silver, and they shimmered prettily. It was an enchanting sight.

Just then, I saw something even more enchanting, Thranduil. He was a tiny king, from my perspective, walking down one of the many paths of the gardens below us, with Treebeard beside him. I could tell that the two of them were deep in conversation. They were obviously heading for the willows. I waved at them, and called out, but they did not see or hear me, or they did not act like they did, anyway. Somewhere in the crowd of ents that surrounded me was my escort. I hurriedly sought him out.

"Mister Doron, now that the rain has stopped, there is no reason for me to stay in the tower anymore. I think that I would like to go down there and see those willow trees close up, with the king," I said. "If that is alright with you?"

Even though I had asked this of my appointed escort, all of the rest of the ents felt required to discuss my request, or so I gathered from their hums and murmurs and such. It was nearly irritating, mostly due to being able to see His Majesty and not be able to touch him, but I waited until they had all discussed my question and came to their usual 'booming' conclusion.

"Lady Mary," said Doron, "of course you are free to depart the tower at any time you should choose to do so and I shall gladly escort you hence, however, before you leave..." The old ent paused, although why I thought of him as old, compared to the others, who were all very old, too, I am not sure. He did not resume speaking and I could not tell if he was just taking a breath or if that was all that he had to say.

"Before I leave... what?" I finally asked. Doron did not reply. Instead Nembrethil, the birch-like ent, spoke.

"There is something more we would like to learn about from you that we are all very curious to know," he said, and the other ents hooted and hummed happily in agreement.

"From me?" I was flattered, but I had not forgotten how I was brought along to be some sort of representative of the women of Middle earth. My conscience tugged at me, but I felt it best to conceal my true origins, and I agreed to help them by answering whatever questions they had to ask me.

"We want to know," said Nembrethil, "do the females of your race usually gain their nourishment from suckling on the man root?" He smiled at me expectantly, and the rest of the ents were stone silent this time as they waited for me to answer.

"What on earth are you talking about?"

To my dismay, Nembrethil described to me, in embarrassingly great detail, exactly what he was talking about. After he was done, and I could calm down enough to breathe, I fled from the overly-curious group of nosy ents, and flew down the staircases to find Thranduil. He had to be responsible.

Once I had reached the bottom step of the very last stairway, I had to sit down on it and sob for a few minutes, not because I felt embarrassed, or upset with the ents, or with the king, but in utter relief for not being killed while I was running down them. More than once I had slipped slightly on the slick, polished surfaces, and my heart was in my throat most of the way.

It was the first time since we had left Mirkwood that I had remembered what it was like to be facing imminent death from a broken neck, or shattered body, while trying to merely get from one place to another, which was something that I did not miss about the hard stone stairways in the king's multi-level caves.

~ Mal~

The three wood-elves from Mirkwood again preferred to spend the night within the forest, so it was only Thaladir, Haldir and I who retreated to our campsite by the river, just outside the perimeter of Fangorn. As we came nearer the edge of the trees, Haldir remarked that they had been stirred by something that he did not understand the details of, but he could determine that whatever it was posed no threat to them, and, in all likelihood, not us either.

None of us were prepared for the sight that met us. The two unknown chestnut mares munching on the thick grass around the fireplace as if it was their very own pasture were a surprise, but the two identical elves perched on the coach-box of the king's carriage, where they were sharing a bottle of wine, were just outrageous.

Thaladir gasped audibly and I saw the infamous wrinkle on his forehead deepen before he went into a quick stride that I couldn't keep up with even while running. Haldir appeared amused with the situation; he knew the twins well and had enough respect for them as fellow warriors to have oversight with their rambunctious side.

My first thought as I saw Elladan and Elrohir was 'oh, no!'. I would normally have been happy to see them, but now they were foremost a hinder to my night with Haldir. Instead of sneaking off to some secluded spot for a dalliance with me, the March Warden would spend hours and hours talking and drinking with the twins. But, when they lifted their cups in salute, I had to smile. They were too handsome, and too charming, to be annoyed with for long.

"My lords," said Thaladir in a perfect blend of respect and indignation when we had come closer. "What, if I may ask, are you doing here?"

"Fishing," said Elladan, waving his cup in the general direction of the river.

"Exactly," said Elrohir with a nod in the same direction.

"Excellent waters in these parts," added both.

"The place you are currently occupying appears most ill-suited for the activity referred to," remarked the seneschal with rising indignation. "His Majesty's carriage is not a fish pond." The twins pretended to be aghast, Elrohir to the point of almost falling off his seat.

"We are merely enjoying a light snack," said his brother seriously.

"While waiting for the fish to come," added Elrohir, who had already regained his balance and now sat perfectly straight.

"Would you like some?" Elladan produced a third cup from somewhere beside him and took the bottle from his brother.

"Get down!" barked Thaladir. "Now!"

The twins scrambled to the ground, nearly tripping over each other in mock terror. Thaladir's expression softened somewhat when he understood from their telling that they were on their way to an actual errand, a very serious one, and had not crossed our path only to bring mischief.

"Well, young lords," the seneschal concluded when he had examined the king's carriage carefully, making sure that no damage had been done to it. "You may share our current facilities, in addition to our supplies, for as long as you require; His Majesty's transportation device, however, is not to be further... disturbed." For a moment I thought he was going to say 'desecrated', but he apparently caught himself in time.

"Did you really stop by here just for the fish?" I asked Elrohir after dinner, which had been enhanced by the wine brought from a tavern a day's ride from there, and not - which the seneschal had first thought - been pilfered from Thranduil's hidden stash in one of the carefully packed crates.

"To be honest, it is the river Entwash, further south, that is known for its rich aquatic life, not the Limlight. But there is something here." He pinched the air with his thumb and index finger, as if they were claws.

"Crayfish," explained Elladan. "They can be lured from their hiding-places by the light of a torch."

"Do you want to see them?" At Elrohir's words, both of them cocked their heads pleadingly.

I would have loved to, even without the puppy eyes, and, after securing Thaladir's permission, we went a small distance up the river, just to where it entered Fangorn. According to the twins, the black creatures were attracted by the shadows under the trees and would be plentiful there. Haldir had declined to accompany us, explaining that watching others fish was of little interest to him. Instead, he would assist the seneschal in preparing everything for the next morning. We would break camp at first daylight.

Elladan's torch made the walk relatively easy, at least while we stayed on the grass. Closer to the water, there were stones and rocks everywhere, and more than once I had Elrohir's reflexes to thank for not getting an involuntary bath. When we reached the trees, Elladan knelt on a rock and put his hand into the water, feeling around for something.

"Here," he said. "There is sand and gravel on the bottom."

Guided by Elrohir's steady grip around my arm, I crouched beside his brother and peered into the water where Elladan had just dipped his hand. The torchlight revealed nothing out of the ordinary, just black water glimmering where the light hit its surface. I was beginning to wonder if the twins had not led me here for a completely different reason, although there would be no need to keep up the fishing charade once we were out of the seneschal's earshot.

At that moment, Elrohir bent over me, putting his face close to mine, and pointed to the torch. Still nothing there, but it was nice to feel his cheek against mine. Wordlessly, he made me lean slightly closer to the water, and I put my hand on his thigh for support. For a moment he made big eyes and pretended to swoon from pleasure, but then he stared at the torch again. Quick as lightning, Elladan's hand struck into the water, and when he lifted it again, grinning, he was holding a squirming, dark creature with many legs in his hand.

"See the claws?" he asked. I nodded. "They will occasionally pinch a bather's toes, but there is nothing to fear." Elrohir made crawling motions over my back, making me shudder.

"Don't you like it?" he asked.

"Maybe after it has been cooked," I replied hesitantly. Now, I was mostly torn between feelings of disgust with the creepy, crawly way it twisted its tale to wriggle free, and also some compassion for it having been so violently taken from its cool, wet home. "Let it go," I pleaded. Elladan chuckled, waved the little animal in front of my eyes a last time and let it slide back into the water. I sighed with relief.

"They are still small," he said as he rose. "It is not yet the season for them."

~ Mary~

My cheeks still felt as they were on fire from racing down the scary steps, but the tears had dried, when I heard the ents coming down the stairs after me. I stood up and this time I actually did dash away from them, splashing right through puddles in order to escape, as I ran to find the king. I had a vague idea about what direction I should take, but I started out on the wrong path, and it took me several switch-backs to finally find one that led to the willows.

Before I saw them, I heard Treebeard talking. His rumbling voice was distinguishable, although the words were not quite clear. I followed its sound and could tell I was getting closer as I traveled along the stream's edge, so I at least knew that I was going in the right direction. The willows may have been young, but their dense frond-like hanging branches were an effective screen, and I could neither see the king or the ent as I wriggled my way through the leafy barriers. I tried to move as quietly as I could.

"We made the nearly unforgivable mistake of falling idle and growing too sleepy," I heard the great ent say. "We were almost far too set in our ways to pursue the evil being done at the edge of our forest by the former White Wizard, hoommm. My friend, for as long as I walk this earth, that is the one mistake I will never allow to be made again."

If Thranduil answered this, I do not know, for I heard nothing else for a few minutes. The rustling willow leaves and burbling stream might have covered anything he said, for it turned out that they were farther away from me than I had first thought. Again, I heard Treebeard's voice, but it was much closer now. I slowed down now, and crept along.

"Maintaining neutrality only works," the ent said, "when one is surrounded by those who value life and living things over their own personal ambitions and the acquisition of power, hmmm..." This time, I could hear the king's voice as he responded.

"Aran Onodrim," he said, "Lamentably, I believe we have both learned the hard lesson that it is always better to go out to meet the enemy than to wait cravenly at home, hoping the darkness will pass our forests by and leave them, and ourselves, in peace."

"I sure hope you don't expect me to just leave you alone in peace, you beast!" I spat this out at the king, after I had finally wrestled my way through the last few drooping willow branches to join the two of them in a small clearing.

It had felt like the last stand of willows were actually trying to hold me back, and I still held the end of a long leafy limb in my hand, to keep it from springing up and hitting my face, as they were suddenly wont to do. I tried to tear one of its smaller branches from it, to smack the king with.

"Lady Mary, where is your escort?" Treebeard was clearly unconcerned with my behavior and he looked beyond me after he asked, as if he expected to see Doron coming right behind me. Like he thought that snail-paced ent could have kept up with me when I was running away. I stopped trying to twist the little branch off, a fruitless pursuit at any rate, and almost laughed in his huge gnarled face, except that a familiar voice surprised me into silence, coming just inches away from my back.

"I am here," said Doron, as he calmly stepped out from the willows. My suddenly fleet-footed escort was such a stunning sight to me that I was paralyzed, and his long-fingered hand grasped my elbow, gently, but as effectively as a wrought-iron shackle. He stood there, not trying to make me move, just holding my arm.

"Mister Treebeard," I said, feeling reckless now, "were you watching us last night?" In my free hand I still held a wad of willow leaves, which was all that I had been able to grasp from the tree's branch for a weapon, and I waved them toward Thranduil while I asked. "When we were... when we, well, I thought we were alone, but I guess we weren't, were we? I guess I was the only one who didn't know."

I forgot that the ents were even there after I looked over at the king, and I managed not to burst into tears, although I really wanted to do so. "You stay right there, majesty!" I shouted at him, even though I still can not believe that I did it, because he was walking toward me. Of course, he did not listen to me.

Because I was trapped, I hid my face behind the handful of leaves. When he stopped and stood before me, I apologized humbly for yelling at him, which I knew was insubordinate, unseemly, and probably deserving of the death penalty.

"Go ahead and chop my head off," I ended. "Because I don't think I want it anymore. I am totally humiliated, and I hope that you are happy."

"You are tired," said Thranduil, "and cold, and I think hungry."

At his last word, there were a few happy hoots that rang out from the surrounding willows.

"He didn't mean it that way!" I shrieked out, "He meant regular food!" The hoots stopped abruptly, and the stalwart Doron had inadvertently dropped my arm to cover what I can only assume were his ears.

I felt a little sorry for the visibly trembling willow trees, but not for the ents that I knew were hiding amongst them. Then I turned to Treebeard, and was actually able to speak calmly again. "Voyeurs and eavesdroppers, huh? Very nice, I don't think."

"Even the inquisitive hobbits were not as hasty," said Treebeard, but over my head, to the king, as if I was not there. "Nor were they as fervent in their speech." He actually paused and chuckled. "Indeed," he continued, "You spoke truly, Thranduil. I can see now that asking her permission first would have probably been a mistake."

For some reason, I could not find the energy to shriek anymore, or even speak, all I could do was whisper up into the king's face.

"A mistake? Asking my permission first? You knew about it beforehand? No, you planned it... together." Confused, I stared into his beautiful, inscrutable green gaze. I recalled all of the odd things that he had said to me, earlier that day when we were still at our campsite, and then during our ride. It all made sense now. "Why didn't you ask me first?"

"I did not want you to put on a show for an unseen audience last night," said the king, and then he smiled, and touched my cheek. "I wanted your undivided attention."

It was a good answer.

~ Mal~

Sex with the twins was always fun. It was not at all like being with Thranduil, when my lust was always mingled with emotions of love and submission, nor was it the exquisite, almost esoteric experience I had with Haldir on the rare occasions we were together, or the titillating feeling of doing the forbidden that was present in my intimate contacts with the seneschal.

With Elladan and Elrohir, it was uncomplicated; more of a fun activity between friends than something that needed to involve emotions. Their seduction was a game, the final act a prize to be won, and shared, in good nature. And, although desire never seemed far away for them, it was always covered by a thick layer of playfulness. They were innocently honest in what they were asking for, and that made it easy for me to give.

And so, after the crustacean had been released back into its natural element, each brother put an arm around my waist. Elrohir gave me a peck on my cheek while we steered away from the rock and gravel, and as soon as there was grass under our feet again, he released me and took over the torch from his brother. Elladan took my face between his palms and brought his lips close to mine. We kissed briefly, and then he looked into my eyes, still holding his face close to mine.

"Do you want to go back to the others?" he asked in a low voice. I shook my head slowly.

"No." A smile spread across his sparsely lit face. Then, the light of the torch was suddenly nearer, coming from behind, and I got a better view of Elladan. He stopped smiling, and I thought he was going to kiss me again, but instead he shot an annoyed glance over my shoulder.

"Fishing will be good tonight," Elrohir remarked playfully, and then he must have put the torch away, fixing it to the ground, because when I felt his breath against the nape of my neck, the light was further away.

Elladan's next kiss required my full attention, and it was only when our tongues had stopped their play that I realized that the arms holding me tight belonged to his brother. Elrohir's whole body was pressed against mine, warming my back and telling me in a very direct way that he was already prepared for more. I arched my back slightly and felt him press harder against my buttocks, until he was snugly nested in the shallow vale between them.

Then, Elladan's hands wandered from my face to my waist, and I buried my hands in his tousled hair. As I nibbled his earlobe and took in his scent, I felt his fingers, no Elrohir's, beginning to unlace my bodice. Elladan, I realized, was the one tugging at my skirt, slowly hoisting it upwards until he could put his hands underneath it and caress my thighs. The feather light touch of his fingertips was a delightful contrast to his brother's now rather demanding humping from behind.

I shivered as the sensitive skin of my inner thighs was revealed to the cool night air, but this was nearly instantly remedied by the older twin's caresses honing in on my centre, the anticipation, as well as the sweet assault following, making me feel hotter than I thought possible.

That was when my bodice finally spilt open, and Elrohir's hands eagerly cupped my breasts. He flicked his thumbs over the nipples a couple of times, and then I had to shift my grip on Elladan, as his head dipped lower, his lips grazing my collarbone before enclosing my nipple in warm wetness. Feeling his mouth there, at the same time as his brother continued to play with my other breast, and with Elladan's hands still between my legs gave me pleasure to the point that I had to let go of all attempts of control, not even caring any longer whether or not I remained standing on my legs.

At that moment, I felt a waft of air as Elladan sank to his knees in front of me and pulled my underpants off. I staggered slightly, but Elrohir's hands at my hips steadied me, and then I felt his arousal against my bare skin. Elladan took my hands, placed them on his shoulders and caught my lips in a kiss, causing me to lean forward. And then he, at least I think it was he, found my clitoris again, now unhindered by clothing, and as he gently manipulated it, another hand snuck between my legs from behind and Elrohir's fingers began to move roughly in and out of me.

I writhed and cried out in wanton desire, clutching poor Elladan so hard I had to apologise later for any possible bruises. Both of the brothers were moaning and panting hard, too, but that did not stop them from laughing and chatting with each other.

"I think the moment has come," said Elladan. "The fish has had all the bait it needs."

"The fishing rod is prepared," replied Elrohir. "It has been for some time!" At that, both chuckled, a sound of happiness and desire so contagious that I had to laugh, too.

Elrohir shut me up. I had to hold my breath as his hard length slid into me, instantly finding its mark, and then I gasped as he began to subject me to his treatment. His pace was punishing, and in combination with the delightful force behind each thrust, I had not a chance of holding my position. Elladan's strong arms caught me as I fell forward, and I landed on top of his body, with my face on his chest and my legs straddling his. He ran his hands soothingly over my back, and Elrohir did not resume his rougher ministrations until they had both ascertained that I was well, and more than willing to continue.

"Don't make me wait, or I'll have your brother instead," I mouthed to Elrohir over my shoulder, moving my hand to the impressive bulge in Elladan's leggings and delighting in how this made both of them groan.

"You will have him, too," moaned Elrohir as he entered me with ease. Now, we were both very close to completion and it seemed to only take seconds before he rolled off of me and lay panting in the grass beside his brother.

When my orgasm had subsided. I still felt hot, and not only in a good way. Freeing myself of my crumpled dress made it better, but it was only after Elrohir handed me a cup of water that I felt refreshed enough to take a closer look at the patient peredhel under me.

Elladan in the flickering, dying light of the torch was a sight to be remembered. His high cheekbones had a healthy colour, tinted by the flame, or pent-up passion. The glow in his eyes was strange - calm, but now without a playful hint, and with something more boiling beneath the surface. His hair, black in the dark, framed his noble face, and the way he lay still, with his eyes trained on me and his mouth half-open made him look positively delectable.

"Take off your shirt," I told him. "I want to see more of you." He smiled, and when I rose to allow him freedom of motion to do as I asked, he pulled me back onto his thighs and had Elrohir assist him instead.

The moments I were given to admire the play of the light on his chest, which felt as smooth as it looked, were much too short. The torch had finally burnt out and left us in complete darkness. That is, at least to me.

"I can still see you," said Elrohir, and something in his voice told me that he expected to soon witness something even more exciting than me in the nude sitting still on top of his half-dressed brother.

"Maybe we should go back," I answered him. "It is too dark for me." Immediately Elladan stirred, and I felt his hands securely on my thighs. "I was just joking," I whispered to him, and leaned forward to place a kiss on his nose, or where I expected his nose to be.

I found it after some fumbling attempts, and when I sat back again, still giggling, there was naked skin under me.

"My brother is not as patient as you think," I heard Elrohir whisper, his voice much closer now. Indeed, when I put my hands around Elladan's thick cock, its owner made some very interesting sounds.

I scooted back, planning to take him into my mouth, but was gently hindered by two sets of hands. My moving forward again met no resistance, and when I slowly sank back, allowing Elladan to enter me, both of the twins moaned in unison with me. Elladan proved to have a great deal more patience than his brother had indicated. He let me ride him at my own pace, wonderfully slowly, and I suspect that it was rather Elrohir's impatience that decided when he shifted our positions so that I was the one lying on the back. After that, he picked up a rhythm and manner similar to that of his brother, and he was just as merciless as I urged him to be.

When we returned to the camp, Elrohir entertained us all on the way with imitations of Thaladir, and how the proper old elf would very likely complain that our 'acts of copulation' had been heard over all of Fangorn. I was glad that it was dark so that Elladan had to carry me anyway, because I didn't know if I could have walked back. I was pleasantly sore in a way I had previously only associated with Thranduil, and decided that now I would probably survive the time remaining until his return.

~*~ From Thaladir's Notebook: ~*~

Status of daily schedule: Accomplished? Note remarks!

Remarks: Contact with the March Warden successful; said elf's willingness to take upon himself the performance of the duty necessary is indeed most worthy of a good warrior. The final outcome of the matter is, however, uncertain, due to the unforeseen arrival of young lords Elladan and Elrohir o Imladris, who, at the time of my recoding these events, have yet to return the lady at the core of the problem. The unmistakable noises of mutual gratification ringing in my ears as I write give cause for doubt whether the March Warden's services shall continue to be required. I find myself wishing for His Majesty's return with some urgency. Long live Eryn Lasgalen!

Sindarin translations:

Hirdathar: Willow Master
Nembrethil: Water Birch
Doron: Oak
Nan-tathren: "Land of Willows"
(Nan-tathren was a region in South Beleriand that was famed for its willows and its flowered meadows. The refugees from Gondolin rested there for a while after escaping from their city's ruin.)

To be continued...

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