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Mirkwood and Beyond

Chapter 27 / ?
Authors: Mary A and Malinornë
Pairings: Mainly Thranduil/OFCs
Warnings: Adult sexual situations, nudity, naughty outdoor activities.
Disclaimer: Written for fun, not for profit, with characters and setting borrowed from JRR Tolkien.
Chapter summary: Mary has news for Anborn and Mal spends her first day out of her sick bed with Thranduil.

~ Mal ~

It was a beautiful day in Rivendell and I remembered from the moment I opened my eyes that it would be special. Today I would be let out from my prison cell! To be honest, my stay in the medical wing of Lord Elrond's home had not been that uncomfortable, but the confinement to bed without a partner had bored me to no end. I hurriedly finished my morning routine, including the breakfast brought by the nurse, and was ready to meet the world again.

My door-guards were as gorgeous as I had imagined them during the night, but I refrained from even blowing them an innocent kiss, fearing that such an action might be regarded as a sign that I was still under the influence of those fatal herbs, something I wasn't prepared to risk.

Just after the first turn in the hallway I ran into two elves that I could safely hug. Elladan and Elrohir were happy to reciprocate briefly, but then informed me that they, regrettably, would have to let anything further of that sort be put off until later, as somebody was waiting for me on the terrace. It was a joke, of course, at least half of it. They could sense as well as any elf that I wasn't interested in them that way, at least not now.

On our way out we met a young ranger, one that I hadn't noticed before, although I assumed he must have been with the others in the Hall of Fire that first night. He greeted the twins with some familiarity, but the glance he gave me was somewhat odd. It was, however, followed by a polite bow and I decided to think no more about that. He was probably just not used to seeing human women together with elves.

When we reached the terrace, there was nobody there. "Wait here," said Elrohir and dashed off in the direction of the stables, which left me the rare experience of being in the company of only one twin. I tried to ask him about last night's announcement, but we were interrupted by approaching hoof-beats while he was still telling about the feasting that had accompanied it.

The Elvenking made a striking appearance on his borrowed horse, a lively chestnut that was snorting and stomping, eager to get on the way. Elrohir's grey was no less lively and Elladan said it was best we hurry. He helped me get up in front of Thranduil, and then nimbly climbed up behind his brother.

For a long while I couldn't care less where we were going. It was more than enough to lean back against the king's chest, feel his arms around me and breathe in his fresh, woodsy scent. The path down to the bottom of the valley was steep at times, which meant that the horses could go no faster than a walk. I rocked comfortably in the saddle, and after a while began to notice that it pressed against my front in an interesting way.

"Yes," whispered the king in my ear. "That is why I chose it. You like it."

I could hardly say I didn't, and I liked it even more when he began to move his hands all over me, or as much as he could reach. That proved to be a lot. By the time we began travelling up one of the many paths on the other side of the valley things had become somewhat embarrassing. Or would be, in case the twins would turn their heads and look. I suggested to Thranduil that we stop somewhere among the trees, but he, laughingly, refused.

Eventually we reached a small cottage in a glen. The twins were quick to turn their horse around, and got an eyeful of the king's hands inside my blouse, which made them grin brazenly.

"Welcome," said Elrohir, not taking his eyes off my chest, "this is where we used to go on hunting trips when we were little. But now..."

"It is more of a place where we like to take ladies," added his brother, "to... uh..."

"Let us just say that this is where you take them," interrupted the king. "Now we are here, thank you, and you will excuse us."

"But of course," replied Elrohir, and, with a last leering grin, set off towards the Last Homely House.

~ Mary ~

Looking down from the balcony that circled the perimeter of Thranduil's guest chambers was like riding on an eagle, only stationary. Like a helicopter eagle. I could see everything in nearly every direction and in the cloudless sunlight the view was spectacular. Above us in the world it might have been winter, for all I knew, but in Rivendell time seemed to stand still in endless summer.

By walking around from one end of the balcony to the other, I had a view of the waterfall and its constant rainbow, the river that sparkled like a shimmering ribbon, the lovely green valley, the colorful terraced gardens, and most of the Homely House's exterior.

When I saw the king and Mal on horseback, being led off on a woodsy path, I was torn between jealousy and relief. At least the twins, who rode ahead of them, would not be able to interfere with me and Anborn today, for a little while, even if I wished I could be with the king. It was nice to see his concubine was out of her sick bed, too.

I did not think it would be too hard to find the Ithilien ranger but I was not prepared for how quickly it happened. As I was turning to go back into the bedchamber, to wash up and dress properly, I heard the strum of a stringed instrument below me. The tune seemed agonizingly familiar to me, but I did not wonder at that. Rivendell seemed filled with songs from every region I had visited.

At first, the strumming was only a pleasant reminder of the type of thing that happened when visiting an elf-realm, until the musician started singing. That was not an elf's voice. It was Anborn, serenading me. Now I remembered where I had heard the song before, it was one that Elladan and Elrohir had written to tease me, although they had never played an instrumental accompaniment when they sang it to me. I hated it.

"Mary, oh, Mary, why did you try to fly away?
Mary, oh, Mary, this is where you should stay.

Mary, oh, Mary, though the world's wide, aye, and vast,
Mary, oh, Mary, I'll still catch you though eagles are fast.

She loves the trees...
She loves the caves...
You'd never know,
How she behaves!
She wants to be caught,
But then she runs away,
Mary, oh, Mary, why ever did you stray?"

Anborn, however, could not hit the notes very well, but he could sing louder than any elf, or any person, that I had heard in Middle-earth. I flew to the balcony and shushed him. He sang louder. I saw elf heads poking out from various windows or grinning faces peeking over the tops of hedges and such.

"She loves the food...br> She loves the wine...
All the time,
I thought everything was fine!
Then I heard her thought,
And she flew away,
Mary, oh, Mary, why ever did you stray?"

I begged him to shut up, although I do not think he could hear me because he sang even louder.

"She loves the tales...
She loves the songs...
And from now on,
This is where she belongs!
She only had to be taught
Not to run away
Mary, oh, Mary, now she is here to stay!"

There was applause from the listening elves, a few merry laughs, and calls for more. Anborn bowed to his audience and then started to play another song. I had to put a stop to this.

"If I promise to come down there and talk to you," I shouted down at him, in a very unladylike way, and hoped Thaladir was not within earshot, "will you go into the garden and wait for me, quietly?"

Anborn and I met up in the same gazebo we had been in before, when he still thought that I had been raised by wolves, and we sat in awkward silence for a little while until he picked up the lute.

"Shall I play you another song?"

"No, please don't," I said as nicely as I could. "One was enough for me." Unfortunately, he took it the wrong way and smiled at me happily.

"Elladan told me that was your favorite song," he explained.

"I am quite sure that he did," I said slowly through clenched teeth. "I bet it was his idea, too."

"It worked better than I thought it would, to be honest," said the guileless ranger. He seemed glad that I had guessed. "Elrohir said it would get your attention."

"You don't have to sing to me to get my attention, Anborn. I had a little talk with His Majesty about you this morning and I was going to find you to tell you about it." Now that I was alone with him, however, it was hard to know where to start.

~ Mal ~

Ignoring the cottage, Thranduil left the horse to graze in the glen and we brought the bags with us a bit further up the slope, where there were fewer trees and more rocks. The landscape reminded me a bit about the Mirkwood hill, and I realized that, despite all adventures in Lórien and Rivendell, I missed 'home'. I wondered how Legolas was doing, and what Thranduil thought about being away from his kingdom for several weeks. At least the council was over now. Maybe there would be an eagle waiting for us when we returned.

I was awoken from my daydreaming by the clinking sound from the bag as the king put it down beside a stone. True, he was here, and we were on a picnic, and nobody would disturb us for hours, or so I hoped. I quickly spread the blanket on the grass and sat down. Thranduil produced a bottle from the bag, along with two metal cups, poured the wine and offered me a drink. It was still cool and very refreshing.

I hoped we were not going to eat for a while, because there was something else I wanted to do right now, something I had longed for the whole previous night, and before that, too. The ride here had only added to it. A glance into the king's face told me he was no more eager for food than what I was. Fire was burning in his eyes as he corked the bottle and dropped it in the grass. Expectantly, I lay back onto the blanket, inviting him to join me.

"No." I looked at him quizzically. He smirked, undoubtedly noticing my disappointment.... perhaps even thriving on it for a moment... which meant he had something up his sleeve. Now he grinned.

"You have spent enough time on your back recently," he said. "Come." He turned his back and strode off. I scrambled to my feet in an instance and, running, caught up with him.

He stopped a short distance away, beside a vertical rock that was about as high as I am. I began to guess what he had in mind.

"It's hard," I complained, feeling the uneven surface with my hand. "My back will hurt."

"Prolonged stay in a bed of exceeded softness is not beneficiary to the spine," he replied, in a nearly perfect imitation of Thaladir. He even puckered his lips in that special expression of dislike.

I had to laugh at him, and of course he used that moment to pin me between his body and the rock. With one hand, he held my wrists and lifted them above my head, and the other he put back into my blouse. His arousal pressed against my front in the best spot possible. I kissed him.

About at that point he let go of my wrists and I ran my fingers through his hair, then wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and lastly let them sink to his waist and below. He used his hands to tease my nipples, making them stand even more erect than before. Then he took them into his mouth, first one, then the other, and I gasped.

After that, it was only a matter of moments before he had hoisted my skirt up to my waist and lifted me up to better accommodate him. We both moaned loudly when he plunged into me. And then he held still, leaving me to wriggle against him as best I could. But soon he took mercy upon me and continued his sweet assault.

When he paused again, he asked, eyes glittering: "Now, is it hard?"

"Yes, very," I sighed happily. Whatever sensations of discomfort my back may have registered at the moment were secondary to the thrills that ran through the rest of my body.

~ Mary ~

Before I could say what I wanted to tell Anborn, I silently recalled as much as I could of what Thranduil and I had talked about earlier, but backwards. I did not want to offend the sensibilities of the gentlemanly ranger by blurting out something unseemly, even though there was a chance that he might be happy to hear the news. I had to be careful how I put it into words.

That morning's conversation with the king had started with me asking when we would be leaving for Mirkwood. Somewhere in the middle of him not answering me, I had asked if I could keep Anborn provided I could convince the gallant ranger to come to the caves to visit. And I had been given permission, abruptly, and without question.

My request had been meant as an attempt to provoke Thranduil into saying something about us going home, ever. I did not think that the king much liked Rivendell, based on comments he had made in the past, but now he seemed firmly planted. His giving in to my frivolous desire for a pet ranger bothered me so much that I had badgered him.

"I mean I want to have him, for myself."

"You may have him, for yourself," the king had answered, not batting an eyelash. How was I going to explain this to Anborn?

The day before, I had done everything in my power to avoid him. It turned out to be hard to resist wanting to spend time with a guy who thought he was in love with me. As I sat with him in the garden, and after being serenaded, the urge to explore the lengths the ranger would go to win my heart grew even stronger. I did feel guilty about his feelings, though, but flattered by his attraction.

In the beginning, after Thranduil had shown me the ranger's reactions to our night together, I had tried very hard to convince myself that breaking his heart was the only answer. That soon passed. If this man truly loved me, what would he do to please me? I had not been in such a position of power since I had met the king. It was alluring.

"Didn't you tell me," I finally began, "that Legolas had invited you to visit Mirkwood?"

"He did," answered Anborn, solemnly. "And I would be honored to be there to witness the ceremony of transition in the spring. Perhaps I shall come then?" I had no idea what he was talking about, but spring was much too far away. It was time to test his devotion. I scooted over closer to him, put a hand on top of his thigh, and smiled.

"Why not now? We can be together again, sooner."

"My lady Mary," he said while placing his large hand over mine. "I was not sure that you would ever desire my company again."

"Of course I desire your company," I interrupted. "And if you come to Mirkwood we will have plenty of time to, well, be company for each other. Trust me." As I spoke, I glanced around me to make sure Thaladir was not around. If he did not know that the king had given me clearance then he might interfere, out of a sense of propriety. Coming down the path toward us was not the seneschal, however, but another elf, and he was headed right our way.

"Just go on ahead to the caves as soon as you can," I said hurriedly to Anborn. "We should be home soon, maybe even before you get there if you are traveling on foot." With that said I removed my hand from under his and turned to greet Celeborn as he stepped into the gazebo to join us.

"Please, lord, take my seat," said the ranger, after he sprang to his feet. "I was just going to take my leave of Imladris," he continued, "but I did want to thank you first for your kind invitation to join you at the ceremony in Mirkwood this coming spring."

"Eryn Lasgalen," said Celeborn. I wondered if that meant 'you're welcome' in Sindarin.

"Yes, of course," Anborn said. "Eryn Lasgalen."

"You're coming to Mirkwood this spring?" I asked the Lórien lord. Both man and elf seemed surprised by my question. "How come no one tells me anything?" To Anborn, I said, "And why are you still here? I mean, I thought you said that you were leaving soon?" I batted my eyelashes at him to hurry him on his way. With polite bows to both of us he trotted off and then I turned my attention to Celeborn.

"What ceremony are you coming to Mirkwood for this spring?"

"Eryn Lasgalen," he repeated gravely. I must have been wrong about him meaning 'you're welcome' the first time he said it. Since I was not any better informed by his reply, I considered him yet another elusive elf when it came to answering direct questions.

"Never mind," I said with a sigh and a pout. "You don't have to tell me anything, I'm used to it, why should I know? Who am I to know anything about anything?" In response, Celeborn laughed. Now I was starting to get mad. "I don't see how it's fair that a ranger from Ithilien knows what's going on but a subject of Mirkwood can't."

"Eryn Lasgalen," he said, again, as if I should know what he meant. "You are now a subject of Eryn Lasgalen, remember?"

"I am?" What was he talking about? Elflord's do not lie. I tried not to start crying, but it was not easy. "Are you saying that I'm not ever going back home to Mirkwood?"

Celeborn's whole body shook while he laughed but I could not see any humor in the situation. What had my king done? Had he given me away to someone? Poor Anborn! He was racing off to the caves unaware that I was being transferred to a new location. Now what was I going to do?

~ Mal ~

"Well?" the king asked afterwards. "Is my concubine satisfied with her medicine?" I was, of course, but I couldn't help teasing him, just a little, even if I knew I was trying my luck. The happiness of no longer being confined to bed had made me brave. I bit my lip and looked into his face with fluttering eyelids.

"My lord," I told him as innocently as I could, "I fear the medication was not..."

"What?" he asked. "Was not what?" There was a hint of irritation already.

"Not inserted deep enough." I lowered my eyes and waited. Any kind of reaction was possible - he might give me a repeat performance, like I hoped, or he might just laugh heartily in my face. That wouldn't have been too bad, either - it was a sound I had missed hearing these past days. He had always appeared so occupied, so strained, or even exhausted. I was not prepared for what actually happened.

"Not deep enough?" he growled. "I will show you deep!" He flung me over his shoulder and for a short while I didn't see much more than his tunic moving as he climbed further up the slope. Hanging with my head down was a rather uncomfortable position, but it did have its advantages. Such as the king's hands on my bare thighs; count on him to insert them under the skirt when lifting me. One arm was just holding me, securely supporting my weight. But the other!

At first the fingers glided over my thighs and backside, caressing them gently in an even rhythm that matched his steps. Then they became more demanding and began to explore the crevice formed by my pressed-together legs. It was incredibly frustrating. He stroked me there, down and then up, several times, and I wanted so much to give him better access, but there was no way I could open my legs. I did not need to see his face to know the self-satisfied grin that now adorned it.

But, there isn't much that stops an elven king and I learnt over again that his long fingers are very flexible. Eventually, he managed to pry them into that narrow slit at the junction of my thighs. I moaned even before they hit their target, and then could not stop for what felt like minutes as he curled and flicked his fingertips.

The ride was over much too soon for my nether regions, but not soon enough for my head. I felt slightly dizzy as he cautiously lowered me to the ground. Luckily, it passed within a few seconds, and as I sat up I admired the incredible scenery. The valley of Imladris opened up before my eyes almost as it had from the back of the eagle, only this time I was seated a lot safer, and was more comfortable studying the landscape.

There were so many beautiful details: the shifting shapes of the various trees, the brooks that led into the foaming falls of the Bruinen, the patches of sun and shade in the gardens, and, in the middle of it all, the Last Homely House shining like a gem. I carefully committed every detail to memory.

I felt the wind on the back of my neck, lifting my hair and blowing. Only it was strangely warm. And a bit humid. And it proved to have teeth, too.

"Are you ready?" The voice of the Elvenking caressed my ear, light and smooth as it had been a whisper of that curious wind. I nodded. How odd of him to ask; that was a question he had always known the answer to, even before I realized that he could look into my mind. Whatever the reason, I chose to take it as an expression of affection. I nodded again, and now felt the hands of the wind gently cupping my breasts. Then it suddenly was the king again, squeezing harder and pinching my nipples just enough to make them stand alert.

"Yes, I am," I told him, in a somewhat whiny voice as my lust for him was rapidly returning with full force. He then took my shoulders, helping me rise, and after that turned me to face him, and we kissed. A gust of wind, a real one this time, caught his hair, and mine, and swept it around us like a soft veil. For a moment I felt hidden away from the world, wrapped inside a cocoon of silly happiness at just being there, with him.

I felt his hands on my backside, lifting me again, but this time he took only a few steps before depositing me on the edge of a rock. Then the long kiss was over, and Thranduil was back in his dominant mood. A thrilling sense of expectation tickled my stomach when I saw the new gleam in his eyes and his voice as he told me to turn around sent shivers down my spine.

This rock was flat, almost smooth, and it took me a moment to notice that it wasn't nearly as hard against my knees as it ought to have been. I peered down and saw whitish moss, large lumps of it, and found it odd that it would grow on that surface. But it felt good and would help me to stay in this position much longer than I would otherwise have managed.

"Show me," I said, not looking at him. It was often like that, that my senses were heightened by not seeing him, and now knowing precisely what he would do next, or when. The guessing was enticing, too. But now he was really taking too long!

I wiggled my behind temptingly, knowing that he usually cannot resist that for long. He chuckled.

"You will have your remedy."

"Now," I pleaded. He chuckled again, but this time there was something else mixed with the amusement. I circled my hips, slowly, resisting the urge to reach back, raise my skirt and push against him. I knew he was there, standing just inches behind me.

"Lord Elrond said," I told him, "that we have to do it twice, or it will not work."

"You will not think about the Peredhel!" Certainly I would not, and I wasn't, but it was a good way to make a certain elf-king act. He pushed himself against me, through the fabric. I remained still for the time, as I knew he wanted, but it became increasingly hard as he continued to grind against my backside.

And then, finally, I heard and felt the disturbing clothes being moved out of the way, held my breath and there! That first, sudden thrust made me howl. Others came after it, in deliciously rapid succession, and now I held back nothing. I rocked my hips in time with Thranduil's, shouting, moaning, whining.

Lifting my head I saw that astonishing view of the valley again. The house, the trees, the river. Perhaps even people walking across the lawns. Surely they could not see us, could they?

"Lower your shoulders," said the Elvenking. He accompanied his words with a hard kiss, almost a bite, between my shoulder blades, and then a few licks to that same spot when I complied.

His hands were at my hips as he rose back up, holding them firmly, and that was when he began to give me the treatment I had requested, as deep as I could ever have wanted.

"Enough now?" he voiced between grunts.

"No," I replied, or at least tried to, as it was very difficult to think at all, even less speak. He asked again, twice or thrice, before I had to give up and let him reach completion. By then I was lying on my belly, my arms having long since collapsed under my weight and Thranduil's motion. After he withdrew I lay panting for a while longer before I sat up. Ouch.

My elbows were chafed, my palms had little dents in them from pebbles on the rock, and I suddenly felt very sore inside, too. But my knees were fine, and despite the inconveniences I was filled with that deep, calm euphoria that comes from good sex with someone you love.

Thranduil proved excellently skilled in healing minor aches and wounds. He could not actually make the skin on my elbows grow back instantly, but he did dull the pain so that I almost didn't feel it at all, and they got their natural colour back, too.

~ Mary ~

"My dear," said the Lórien elf after he finally stopped laughing, "you are always so humorous; my grandsons are right about that. Do you not recall agreeing to any of this last night? Or did the wine drive the memory from your head?"

"I agreed to this? Last night? When?"

Celeborn laughed again, but a bit ruefully this time, shaking his head as he did so, which made his silver hair shimmer.

"Apparently," he said, "something has been lost in translation." After sitting back and putting a finger to his lips for a moment, he spoke again. "What did you think of the announcement in the Great Hall last night?"

"Oh, that?" Now he was trying to change the subject. I was, however, quite sure that I would have noticed myself agreeing to being given away to someone, no matter how much wine I had, and was not going to let myself get sidetracked. "I thought it was fine, but…"

"Fine?" Celeborn lifted an eyebrow in the same way Thranduil often does, only the Lórien elf did not scare me half as much when he did it. "That is an interesting reaction."

"Well, I guess more than fine. It was great. What was the announcement about, exactly? I didn't really catch a lot of it." By then, I was not surprised by his response.

"Eryn Lasgalen."

"And what does that mean again? I forget."

"It means 'the wood of green leaves' if translated into man speech."

"The wood of green leaves, it sounds pretty." I wished I had paid more attention to my Sindarin lessons so I would have known what else had been said and how I had been tricked into agreeing to something crazy. "And that is where I agreed to go live now? I'll miss the caves."

It made me feel sad to say such a thing out loud. Did Thranduil ask Celeborn to explain this because he could not say goodbye to me? The coward. Mal must be going back home with him then. I started to cry when I pictured the two of them flying away on an eagle.

"You do live there now, my dear. Why are you crying?" The Lórien elf's sapphire eyes turned dark with concern. "Nothing is going to change." He sat closer, patted my back, and offered me a sleeve to wipe my eyes and face with, while he reassured me that I would not have to leave the caves. Unless I wanted to, of course.

"What did you do to make Lady Mary cry, Grandfather?" We had been joined by the twins, one of whom sat at either side of Lord Celeborn and me.

"You will have to forgive him, darling, all this new power seems to have gone to his head," said Elladan, putting his arm around my shoulders and tugging me close to his side. "What were you talking about?"

"Eryn Lasgalen," answered Celeborn.

"He keeps saying that," I whispered to Elladan. "Like it means something."

"Do you know why he keeps saying it?" He whispered back.

"Maybe your Grandfather has a hidden passion for green leaves?" I said, proud of myself for knowing what the words meant, at least. I lowered my voice even farther and asked, "Has he gone mad?"

All three of them laughed. Then they took turns telling me the whole story, of how Thranduil and Celeborn had decided to unify their kingdoms and share the rule over the Sylvan elves on both sides of the Anduin. That was what the announcement had been about. Whether I had known it or not, I had agreed to the arrangement, on behalf of Mirkwood's human subjects, during what I must have thought was another toast.

The unified realm of the Elflord's would be called Eryn Lasgalen, but the official naming ceremony would take place in the spring. That is what Anborn had referred to earlier and I realized that I could stop worrying about him waiting in Mirkwood for me. I was weak with relief when they were done explaining it all to me and I only had one question.

"When do I get to go home?"

"But did you not hear, darling?" said Elrohir. He had waved his grandfather over and sat on my other side. I glanced up at him as he took my hand into his and noticed that he was looking at his brother over my head. Celeborn rose and made his departure after telling me that I was in good hands. I braced myself.

"We are all going back to Lórien, first," said Elladan.

~ Mal ~

We ended up spending most of the day on, or near, the blanket, and it was not until the wine bottles were empty and the food eaten, and every need of my body more sated than I think they'd ever been before, that I came to think of other, more intellectual, interests. Thranduil was in an excellent mood, and as he lay there peacefully beside me it seemed a good moment to ask.

"Please," I said, burrowing my nose in underneath his ear, "can I ask you something?" He purred something inaudible and began to stroke my back. I nearly gave in to the sensation, but only nearly.

"The council," I continued. "Please tell me about the announcement."

"No." This time he spoke loud and clear, and my back felt bereft as he removed his hand from it. I sat up, suddenly annoyed. It wasn't fair that Mary had received full information, while I got to hear nothing.

"Do you not think I am interested?" I said in an, admittedly, rather accusing way. "Or that I shouldn't concern myself with such things? Thaladir said" - I was fast working myself up now - "that the famous concubines of the past were interested in politics, and that it made them more valuable than if they had only cared about the pleasures of the bed." Now, that should make him feel guilty, at least.

"Not that we often use the bed," he replied, amused. I was on the verge of angrily telling him that wasn't what I meant, but he silenced me with a gesture. He reached his arm around me and pulled me down to him before continuing.

"Thaladir is one reason why I will not speak of this topic now," he said in a low voice, more breathing the words into my ear than actually speaking them. "I would not deprive my seneschal of the satisfaction he will no doubt receive from recounting the event to you in great detail. And neither will I deprive myself of a last time before we leave."

To be continued...X

A/N: The song 'Oh, Mary!' was originally written by the Canary (also known as: Zhie) for Elladan and Elrohir, to be sung as a duet, Instead, they taught it to Anborn. The rascals!

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