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Mirkwood and beyond

Chapter 7 / ?
Authors: Mary A and Malinornë
Pairings: Mainly Thranduil/OFCs
Warnings: Adult sexual situations, uncontrolled nudity, wet elf flesh, oral sex, threesome sex and lots of sexy elves.
Disclaimer: Just playing with Tolkien characters, for fun, and not profit, do not claim to have created them. Helca and Thaladir, the king' seneschal, are our own creations and we will lend them out if asked for permission in advance.
Chapter summary: Mal and Mary go swimming with elves and both land some fine catches after supper.
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~ Mary ~

When I came into the king's private dining room, I was shocked to see that the place was full of elves, and Mal. And here I was thinking, or at least hoping a little, that Thranduil had felt bad about leaving me alone, to go off hunting with the twins before dawn, and he was going to make up for it by having a late breakfast just with me. Instead the place was packed. I had promised Thaladir that I would behave like a lady for this. What was I thinking?

The one cup of coffee I had did not help very much and I was still very drowsy, which was normal after a night in bed with Thranduil. It usually took me a whole day to recover. But he was looking mighty fine in his fresh new crown of woodland blossoms, and if we had been alone then I would have been sitting on his lap, and showing him how much I liked it.

However, as far as I was concerned, learning the news about the king's decision to go to Lorien was not enough of a good reason to be routed out of my cozy bed. But I did not say anything about it, out loud, with Thaladir right there, since I had assured him that I would behave properly for the whole day. The whole day. I was already sorry that I made that promise.

"Well, if the twins are going to Lorien with you," I asked Thranduil, breaking the silence that had followed his announcement to accept Lord Celeborn's invitation, "then does that mean that Mal and I get to go, too? Haldir said that we were asked to come, too, right?"

To my surprise, no one at the table, namely Thaladir, seemed disturbed about my question. Usually, if I blurted out an inappropriate query to the king, which turned out to be anything I ever asked him, the seneschal would clear his throat, frown, or sniff, or something. And he did so even when there were no witnesses present to be shocked by my unseemly behavior, let alone a whole roomful.

Instead, he, along with everyone else at the table, looked over at Thranduil expectantly. Could it be possible that even the seneschal had not been advised about the king's travel plans? At least as far as his concubine and I were concerned? Even Elladan and Elrohir seemed interested in the answer, until I added:

"Why can't they both stay here with Thaladir and we take Legolas with us?" That jerked the twins' attention away from His Majesty, but they did not make any rude faces at me while sitting at the table, at least not with Thaladir present. I was only hoping to learn who all was going.

Actually, I did not understand why Elladan and Elrohir could not just fly home to Rivendell, for that matter. But the king had taken a liking to the handsome peredhil and they were all good pals lately. It was their stupid idea to go running around in the forest before dawn, too.

"How was your hunting trip?" I asked Elladan, since I had his attention, and I did not expect to get any straight answers from the king anyway. "What did you bring home for dinner? Anything edible?"

"His Majesty brought down a healthy stag, my lady," said Elladan, with a straight face. I had to do a double take on the 'my lady' business. He had never called me anything like that before.

"Since when am I 'your lady'?" Instead of answering me, the formerly informal elf slid his eyes sideways at the seneschal and then back at me. I got it. "Oh. Never mind then. Venison again, huh?" I wanted to add, 'yuck', to the end of my sentence. Would this day never end?

However, even though I had not made any negative comments, my dislike of venison was well known in all of the various-sized dining halls in Mirkwood. Beside me, Thaladir reminded me for about the hundredth time about all of the benefits of eating the meat of the beasts of the king's forest, and how good it was for me, being naturally nutritious and filled with important ingredients to promote my continued good health and vitality.

For the first time since I had sat at the table, Thranduil lifted his eyes to mine as he spoke.

"You will need to keep yourself in good health if you are going to be traveling with me to Lorien." However, as the king was not smiling at me in 'that way' as he said it, I somehow had the feeling that this new interest in my state of well-being had more to do with Lord Celeborn's desire to measure it, than in His Majesty's own desire to make use of it.

"Then I am going to have to have something better to eat than venison," I said. I turned to Elrohir. "Can't you go fishing or something? Some nice trout for dinner would be great."

But, instead of answering me, or even acknowledging me, both he and Elladan turned their attention to Mal, of all people, and they both smirked at her.

"Alas," said Elrohir, but without turning to me as he answered, and without looking very sad, either, "it is far too late now for decent fishing conditions, what say you brother?"

"Too true," replied Elladan wistfully. "Some of the prettiest fish in the king's river only make their appearance before breakfast."

Which made no sense. But he grinned back at Elrohir in a certain manner that I recognized immediately. He and his brother were sharing a private moment, and it always drives me crazy when they do that. And it obviously had to do with the king's concubine, whose cheeks had turned a little pinker under their regard. It was the seneschal who inadvertently cleared up the mystery.

"The comparison of a member of the royal household enjoying the benefits of proper exercise," pronounced Thaladir, "with some of the more common creatures that normally inhabit His Majesty's rivers, is considered most unseemly, young lord."

"Wait a minute," I said, finally putting it together. "Did you go swimming in the river before breakfast today, Mal?" She did not even have to answer. The grins on the faces of the twins, and the king, were more than enough of an answer. "I want to go swimming, too."

"I believe that a swim is an excellent idea," said Thranduil. And then he added, "Although I seem to recall a vow you had made to never set foot in my river again."

"I think I could have a change of heart, if you go swimming with me," I replied.

~ Mal ~

Thranduil's announcement of his travel plans shocked me more than I realized at first. I smiled at the twins' antics and Mary's undisguised curiosity, and only when she somehow steered the conversation into swimming did I start to think over the implications of what the king had said.

He was going to Lorien, that much was clear. And soon. I didn't think it beyond him to make it so that the "closest opportunity" would only appear in fifty years or so, but now he had already had his fun in making Haldir wait for the reply. After all, there would be little point in being rude to the rulers of Lorien, even if he enjoyed taunting their messenger. Not that I could blame him; Haldir was a magnificent opponent.

The Elvenking's cryptic reply to Mary worried me. I had taken for granted that he would want to bring both of us with him, but now I was less sure. Unpredictability was about the only thing one could be sure of with him, and it was just as unnerving now as every other time. I do not like surprises.

I wished that I could for once speak up and ask for a clarification. I looked to Thaladir for support, but the elf's face was blank and respectable as usual. The elves standing behind him for the most part didn't look indifferent.

Miriel and her sister seemed excited with the idea of the king going somewhere, but Ithilwen cast worried glances at Anarion. Canath appeared panic-stricken, as if he already imagined the horror of the responsibility for the realm being cast on his shoulders. Helca held her chin lifted high and dared anybody to defy her. I wondered if she looked forward to more power, or meant to tell the king that she would rather die than set foot in Lorien. Whichever it was, it didn't look pleasant and I quickly turned my gaze back to the king.

That was the right thing to do, of course. He had just emptied his goblet and I caught him sucking a stray drop of wine from his lower lip. The image was irresistible, and I could not take my eyes off of him. I tried to plead with him silently, to send him a clear message of how desperately I longed to see the golden mellyrn, and in his company. All the things I would do for him if he would let me travel, everything he ever wished.

He appeared interested at first, narrowing his eyes in concentration, but then he smirked. As if I wouldn't do anything he wished as it were, Lorien trip or no. I lowered my glance for a second, feeling chastised. Mary went on about swimming and rivers and how totally impossibly unfair it would be if she couldn't go swimming in the river, too, this very instant. There was some kind of joke, too, involving the twins, and though I didn't hear all of it, the way they looked at me made me blush.

I tried to save my dignity by laughing together with them, and it gave me an opportunity to turn my head towards Thranduil again. The question must still be in my eyes, or just in my mind, because this time he nodded. Very slightly, but it was still a nod.

"Mellyn a sedryn [friends and faithful ones]," he declared, "there are preparations to be made. You may leave." Helca and most of the elves standing glided towards the door. Those who appeared to hesitate followed immediately when Thaladir rose. Haldir went too, and the king, with Mary eagerly jumping about him, still talking about swimming.

Elladan and Elrohir rose together as one, bowed surprisingly genteelly and disappeared out the door together with the others. The impending journey suddenly gave me precious little time to woo any of them. Even if I would be travelling with them, the conditions during the trip would hardly be suitable, so if I was going to act upon my interest in them at all, I had to do so now.

During the midday meal, my concentration was, for once, not entirely focused on the king. I looked at him ever so often, but my thoughts mostly wandered between the Imladris elves and Haldir. Oddly enough, he looked less arrogant now that he had won, if he had.

The March Warden took his leave immediately after lunch, and it was only a coincidence that I got to say goodbye to him. I literally ran into him in the palace corridor, which earned me a very warm hug. He also showed me an important-looking scroll that Thaladir had told him contained the official answer of His Royal Highness, worded in all the proper ways. I could tell that he found it funny, and began to suspect that things were run a lot less formal in Lorien. I looked forward to seeing that with my own eyes.

~ Mary ~

In the end, after lunch, we all went swimming. Thranduil practically commanded it. Even Helca had to come along, much to her displeasure. The twins ran off to find Mirime, too, and invite her join us. Ithilwen demurely asked the king if Anarion could be excused from door-guard duty, as the concubine would not be in her chambers anyway, so he could come, too. Of course the king said yes, not being entirely unreasonable every minute of the day.

Only Haldir could not come with us, claiming that he had to depart immediately for Lorien to deliver Thranduil's answer to Lord Celeborn's invitation. It was too bad, because I would have liked to see him in the river, where he would have had to take off his clothes. Up in the tree, he only had to unlace his leggings. Elves.

The day was gloriously warm, with barely a breeze, and there was not a cloud above to mar the perfect blue sky. The king and the twins carried their wine goblets, and the harried elf-butler followed closely behind them with the wine decanter at the ready.

Mal told me she had worn her underwear for a bathing suit, but I wanted to swim the way the elves did, with nothing on. However, I was overruled when Thaladir insisted that too much sunlight on any skin unused to its exposure could cause reddening and possible freckling, as well as the probable resultant physical discomfort of possible sunburn.

"I think that you just don't want me to run around in front of you naked," I told him privately as we all undressed by the river's edge. "But since I promised to behave like a lady then I guess I will have to wear my underwear in the river." And then I remembered that I was never speaking to him again and shut up.

The last time I went into that river, I had been naked, and nearly froze to death. Mal said that the water was very cold, but not icy, and she had gotten used to it quickly. Once we were wet, the thin fabric of our underwear turned nearly invisible, for all intents and purposes, and I felt more undressed than if I would have been naked in my clinging chemise.

It was Thaladir's own fault that he had to witness our near nudity in an extremely public place, although he did not appear overly agitated. He probably could have returned to his duties and stayed in the caves but he could not tear himself away from Mal and me. But, he claimed that he was concerned that our uncovered mortal skin might yet be overexposed to the sun at this time of day, it being not long after noon.

Accordingly, he wanted to measure the amount of shade the beech trees provided over the water and along the riverbank at the elves' favorite swimming area. However he did not leave even after he was satisfied with the environmental conditions. I think he was making a mental note to have knee-length swim suits with long sleeves sewn for Mal and me, and out of wool probably.

But still, I felt completely overdressed in a river full of lovely naked elves and did not understand why it was proper for them and not for me. I was past regretting my promise to be a lady and was quickly moving into not caring any more that Thaladir was aware that I had discovered he was my mystery lover. I wanted to feel the water on all of my skin.

So after a while I pulled off my top and tossed it up on the bank and told the seneschal, who still stood up there watching over all of us like the Rock of Gibraltar, that if he wanted me to wear that stupid chemise, then he would have to come in the river and catch me first to put it back on me.

Thranduil had pulled himself out of the water and was sitting nearby in dripping magnificence on top of one of the large flat rocks that lined the river's edge. He laughed out loud when His Excellency turned to him for assistance with my swimming apparel.

"I trust that you can handle this situation, sadron nín," he remarked mildly. "Do be gentle."

Somehow, I had managed not to laugh at Thaladir while he slowly disrobed at the river's edge. He wore so many clothes and the day was so warm that it seemed ridiculous, but proper. Even nearly naked he retained an air of dignity. It really is a pity that he is such a cranky old thing, because he was a glorious specimen of muscled elf-flesh without all of his outer layers of officialdom to cover it up.

However, once he had stripped down to his underwear and entered the river, with my damp chemise in his hand, I could not help myself. He really was going to try! I shrieked for help and tried to run at first, as he stepped further into the water and began to pursue me, but I was laughing too hard and fell on my bottom.

"I wish that you would command him to frolic and splash about, instead of manhandling me, Majesty." I called to the king as I swam as quickly as I could towards him and away from the old grouch, who followed after me on foot.

Once I had reached Thranduil, the seneschal stopped and stood stiffly nearby in the middle of the river, with the water up to his chest, while holding my top up to keep it from getting even wetter.

Elladan and Elrohir had to sink all the way underneath the surface; it was that hopeless for them to try to keep straight faces.

"He is only trying to protect my property," said Thranduil unsympathetically. "Now be a good girl as you promised and hold still for him." I heard Mirime let out a squeal from somewhere behind me, and I wondered which twin was grabbing at her under the water, probably both of them. The seneschal's attention was momentarily diverted in her direction, so I splashed at him to get it focused back on me.

"I would hold still for him," I told the king as Thaladir again began to move towards me, "except that he wouldn't have as much fun as he should if I let him put that shimmy back on me." Before the frowning wardrobe sheriff could reach me, I pulled myself out of the river and sat next to the king on his rock and then clung to him. "But I will hold still for you, won't you put it back on me instead?"

"It does seem a shame to cover up this loveliness," Thranduil remarked as he leaned back a bit and studied my body carefully. Then he lifted an eyebrow at me and asked, "But you did promise, did you not?"

"Well, I'm not sure that I care any more what happened at the inn, now that I think about it." I turned and looked directly into the seneschal's eyes and smiled at him. "In fact, it was kind of fun, huh Thaladir?"

I have to hand it to the old elf, even standing nearly naked in the river, and holding my wet chemise, he managed to retain all of the dignity of his office as he replied to me.

"You are not an unsuitable use of His Majesty's valuable time, my lady. Now, if you will be so good as to cover yourself, you will be more appropriately protected to be of even more suitable use to him in the near future." The king stretched out his arm to take the top from his seneschal and then helped me back into it. Which was probably their plan from the beginning. Elves.

"That reminds me of something," I said to Thranduil while he made sure the damp chemise covered me properly in what could only be called a most improper way. "When we stayed at the inn in Laketown, you were with Mal. So she had two nights in a row with you, all by herself. I think I should get two nights in a row sometime, too."

The king glanced across the river at the twins, who were teaching Mirime how to do a swan dive off of a tall boulder, but he did not answer me. Although I was not necessarily sure I could survive two nights in a row in his bed, I was willing to give it a try someday.

~ Mal ~

I hadn't exactly looked forward to getting into the chilly river a second time the same day, but that feeling rapidly changed when I saw everybody who was going to be there. The prospect of viewing Thranduil unclothed was enough to lift my senses at any time of the day, and playing with him in water was always a treat. The twins would be fun also, and it was nice to see that Ithilwen and Miriel weren't too occupied with their self-appointed duties to take some time off in the afternoon. But it remained a riddle to me why Helca was heading for the river, too.

This time, the seneschal told me as we went, the swimming would take place at the Mirkwood elves' approved bathing site, which was located a small distance from the gates, downstream where the river made a turn. Here it was shallower, and a narrow strip of fine sand had been deposited at the hither shore. A few boulders were scattered at the edge of the water, and there were some just breaking the surface as well.

Thaladir explained to me at great length that the location I had chosen for my lonely swim this morning, despite its being located suitably close to the gates, and thus, to safety, was nevertheless highly inadequate for the purpose. He insisted that I immediately discontinue the alarming habit of approaching deep water alone, and accept his offer to escort me the next time I felt such an urge.

He commended me, though, on my choice of wearing proper attire, and I got the impression that what he really didn't approve of was a naked mortal frolicking in plain site of whoever might pass by. It was rather sweet of him, really, and he looked almost happy when I promised him that I would alert him next time, so that he could ensure the safety of my person, and its proper covering.

Apparently, there had been an agreement with Thranduil that Mary and I should keep our undergarments on, because the king would hear no complaint from her. It was a bit of a disappointment, but there wasn't really much to say against the seneschal's iron logic. In a way it was actually good not to have to be compared with a perfect being such as Mirime. Why did the twins have to invite her?

That small comfort only lasted for as long as it took me to notice what Mary looked like when she climbed up on a stone, soaking wet. Her shift didn't hide anything, and the impression of nakedness was so much greater than if she had truly been wearing nothing. Each and every curve of her body was prettily outlined by the veily garment, and she did not look at all fit for public viewing. Thaladir had made a mistake. And in the morning, I had given the king and the twins a much better show than I intended to.

The serious elf had typically taken upon himself to oversee the merriment, rather than participate in it, and met all attempts to lure him into the water with a stern gaze. It was a pity he couldn't enjoy himself, but I think he had at least a little fun wrestling with Mary when the king had him try to put her shift back on her. It was fun to watch, in any case.

Playing in the water with the elves was fun too, and though swimming was somewhat impeded by the clinging garment, I got a lot more exercising done than in the morning. All in all, I had a great time.

Then Thaladir suddenly cleared his throat in a particularly threatening manner, but only got laughter and jesting in reply from the twins that were approaching me with shark-like determination.

"We have hunted in the king's forest," Elladan told him, and then Elrohir filled in, "So it is only natural that we fish in his river too!"

Said king didn't react, which could perhaps be because he was otherwise occupied. Mary, Ithilwen and Mirime were playing a game, throwing a large nut of some kind between them. They jumped and splashed and were having a good time. Thranduil was standing behind Mary with an inscrutable expression on his handsome face, but he kept his hands under the water. I could well imagine where he was holding them.

Then I had to jump too, because the pair of dark-haired sharks that were aiming for me had now turned into crabs. Elladan and Elrohir pinched the air with their claws and suddenly they were all over me. I splashed water on them and swatted at their hands, but was more excited than I cared to admit. Soon I retired to the relative safety at the king's side.

~ Mary ~

After stuffing myself at dinner, I was ready to go right to bed and lie down. Maybe I would read for a while, or maybe I would get some sleep, and soon. The swimming had worn us all out, and nearly everyone at the table had been quiet, subdued, and famished. I was almost too weary to begrudge Mal her turn with Thranduil that night, but I did.

I sat beside the king, who made a point during dessert of raising his goblet and congratulating me for keeping my promise to behave like a lady for nearly a whole two hours that day, "A new record," he pronounced.

As Thranduil toasted me, I glared over at the sniggering twins, who were lucky to have goblets to cover their faces as they drank to my achievement. They both intently studied their own wine for a few more moments after the toast when the seneschal glared in their direction as well.

"It wasn't a fair test," I said in my defense. "How was I to know that we were going to go swimming?"

This would have been a smart thing to say if I had really wanted to hear a lecture from Thaladir about how a properly bred woman was able to act like a lady in even the most extreme situations. Me and my big mouth.

But then the seneschal surprised me by adding that, except for that one unfortunate lapse in the river with my garment, which was brought on, undoubtedly, by the exuberance and novelty of the moment, he had thought I had otherwise behaved quite properly during the rest of the recreational activities.

Later, as we rose from the table, Thranduil bent to speak in my ear, "Thaladir will be coming to your room to escort you to my bedchamber in a little while. I have some other business to attend to first. Do not harass him."

"I get to be with you tonight?" I had to groan a little. "Darn it, I wish you would have warned me before I tried to finish that third quail." We had not had venison after all, and I was so grateful that I had tried to do my best to maintain my vitality with those tasty baked birds that the elf-kitchen had produced.

"We will take it slow then," he promised, "very slow."

"I'll have to be on top, too, I'm stuffed." I patted my full stomach as evidence.

"Whatever you desire," said the king. "I will make sure that you are not uncomfortable."

If I could have run, without breaking a protocol rule, and without feeling ill, I would have done so to get to my chambers to prepare for my night with the king. I wanted to change into something easier for him to remove from me, for one thing. Although all of my gowns were fastened in the back, so there were not really that many options.

Or maybe I would surprise His Majesty by wearing that skimpy little dancing girl skirt he had given me in Dale. With only my fancy fringed shawl over my top, and nothing else. Just imagining the look on the seneschal's face if I opened my door to him dressed that way made me laugh like a lunatic.

With a happy shout, I pulled the tiny dancing costume out of my wardrobe and stood to hold it against myself and then I shrieked at the sight of the king's seneschal looming over me in his typical vulture-like pose. He had been trying to see over my shoulder, I could tell. Quickly, I put the skirt behind my back.

"You scared me, standing there! Why didn't you clear your throat at me, or something, to let me know you were in the room?" I had long since gotten over hoping that he would knock when I left my door standing open.

"His Majesty advised me that you might need some assistance with your wardrobe choices, my lady. Furthermore, he wants me to assure you that the gown you are presently wearing is more than sufficient. If you will come with me...?"

He actually offered me his arm. Since I had promised not to harass him, and he had made me feel good with his compliment about my swimming manners at the table, I accepted his elbow with as much grace as I could muster, even though my plan had been foiled. As we passed by my bed, I tossed the tiny skirt on it and wished it good night.

As we stepped out into the corridor, I noticed immediately that there was something wrong.

"Why are the twins doing door-guard duty for Mal?" I asked as we passed by her room. "Where is Anarion?" Elladan and Elrohir stood as still and silent as any of the Mirkwood elf-sentries normally would, they even jerked to attention when Thaladir glanced at them. They actually looked quite fierce and dangerous holding the spears that they had been issued to carry.

"His Majesty, in his wisdom, has rearranged the staff in this particular area for this one night, my lady, and it is of no concern to you. Please try to keep your mind focused on our primary destination." He said this last because I was dragging my feet a little as I stared at the twins over my shoulder. After they were out of sight, I had something to say to my escort.

"You know, I was never going to speak to you again after I found out about, um, who you were, or who was with me that night with the blindfold, I mean. Of course, I knew who you were. But I didn't know who he was, when I thought it was someone else, uh, I mean anyone else, I mean besides you, do you see?"

There is a chance that Thaladir might have wanted to respond to that, but I did not let him. I really was not ready to discuss the situation in any further detail than that. Instead, I quickly added, "But you were nice to me at the table tonight, and you have never let me touch you before, so I guess I am going to have to change my mind and start speaking to you again."

What I had wanted to get to was resuming my Tengwar lessons. I really missed them, and the smell of the ink on parchment. However, there was no more time for conversation, before Thaladir and I reached the royal bedchamber door, the king met up with us in the corridor.

His Majesty seemed very pleased with himself about something as he approached us. And so gorgeous that my heart began to beat faster. I gladly let go of Thaladir's elbow to grab his instead.

"Le hannon, sadron nín," Thranduil said to his seneschal with a nod. His Excellency almost smiled. "Now, take the remainder of the night off and rest, really rest," the king added gently, "You have earned it."

"Yes, my lord," said Thaladir, and then, to my surprise, he turned to me and nodded, "I wish you a good night, my lady Mary."

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

~ Mal ~

After dinner, I sat in my room contemplating how unfair life was in general, and at the Elvenking's court in particular. I had put a couple of my large cushions in front of the small fireplace, and was half reclining against the wall with a glass of wine at my side. To be honest, for being miserable, I wasn't suffering very much.

But it was unfair that the king had chosen to be with Mary this night too. He could at least have made that clear earlier, rather than ruining my good mood after the bathing, or he could have conveniently forgotten the whole thing about the inn. That was almost half a year ago!

I took another sip of wine, Dorwinion T.A. 3014, a favourite vintage of Thranduil's. At least he had good taste, the libertine. And I would have been contented to spend some time alone, here in my beautiful room, with books and everything, if it hadn't been for him. I had got used to his touch, and now that I couldn't have it, I craved it even more.

The Elvenking had spoilt me, turned me into a being that couldn't live without carnal pleasure, and I had been happy to oblige. I would be happy again, but now I was not. I dipped my tongue into the wine, pressing it against the metal a little, pretending it was his lips. Highly unsatisfactory. I was completely spoilt, like in the stories that awful merchant had told last autumn, about the women who pined away after having been enticed by elves.

Only I didn't want to be cured. I couldn't even think of touching a man, not even a more agreeable specimen, like Lord Bard II. Or perhaps I could make an exception for him. He did have nice hands, and a very nice smile. Only he wasn't here, which was even more unfair. If the king didn't want me, at least he could give somebody else the chance to keep me entertained. It was his duty after all, the least he could do to show his appreciation for someone who had put her whole existence in his hands.

Otherwise, I could go and serve somebody else. I knew I couldn't really do that, and I didn't really want to either, but it felt good to imagine all the elves and human lords (I decided to skip dwarves and hobbits) that would be overjoyed to have me in their service.

I was disturbed in my musings by a scraping sound at my door, and I shouted out to my sentinel to stand still, or go away. It was a nuisance anyway, this system with handsome elves doing nothing useful, just standing outside doors with their spears scraping against the floor to annoy me.

The sound was repeated, and no matter how irked I was, the limit of how much shouting a royal concubine could allow herself was already reached. I got up, somewhat gingerly, and opened my door slightly. "Anarion," I said with as much gentleness as I could muster, "would you go visit Ithilwen instead of disturbing my rest."

There was a chuckle. Anarion, who was a shy young elf and took his duty very seriously, never chuckled. I opened the door completely, and dropped my nearly empty glass at the shock. Fortunately, the twin on my right had excellent reflexes and caught it before it hit the floor. The twin on my left caught me.

With astonishment, I looked into the depths of Elrohir's eyes. His warm smile washed over me and made me feel alive again. Here was destiny at my doorstep, my chance to seduce Mary's precious elf twins that she had always refused to let me borrow while they were staying with her.

It was inevitable that we should end up in bed, and it felt good. It served the king right too, that I should be caressed by somebody else. Elladan sat with his back against the headboard, and I was sitting between his legs, with my head against his shoulder. His hands were playing with my breasts and it felt heavenly. I tried not to take notice of the limb poking at my back; I was far too lazy for such things. If he would just touch me like this forever, it was all I could ask for. Elrohir seemed content, too, with just watching, at least he had before I closed my eyes.

And then Elladan pinched me. Not hard, but he pressed my nipples between his fingers firmly enough to make me open my eyes with a start. I moaned disapprovingly, and he went back to stroking me gently again. Now his brother wanted to play, too, and I felt a hand groping at my leg. Quickly, I pressed my legs together and drew them up as close to my bottom as I could. At this, both of them chuckled.

Elrohir tried another tactic. He ran his hand gently over my thigh, very softly, which made me gradually relax enough for him to part my legs slightly. Elladan helped too, moving one of his hands lower and teasing me there. Then Elrohir licked at my knee, and I opened my eyes again to peer into his. It was an eager elf that I saw, a lust-filled gaze and a warm smile. Who could resist that?

I let him open my legs more, and his reverential gasp made me smile and hold still.

"Ooooh, brother," he exclaimed softly, "she is all pink and rosy!"

"Did I not tell you," replied Elladan, "that this fish would be a nice catch?" Elrohir nodded and traced his finger along my inner thigh. It tickled, and I just had to slam my legs shut. The surprised expression on his face made me laugh, and Elladan too.

"Methinks it is an oyster we have caught, rather than a fish."

"Aye, and a precious one, too."

"I wonder if there is a pearl."

"There has to be, see if you can find it."

The twins' absurd conversation made me giggle, and I eagerly played along until I didn't care anymore if my legs were shut, with Elrohir's hand caught between them and pressing delightfully against my 'pearl', or open to allow him to explore freely.

"Would the fish like something," Elladan whispered in my ear. "A... fishing rod, perhaps?" His husky voice made the silly-worded suggestion sound extremely tempting.

"No," I said, shaking my head resolutely. "First she wants bait."

Hearing that, Elrohir quickly lay on his back, and he looked like a Greek god to me, sprawled on the sheets. I for sure didn't need any further encouragement to detangle from Elladan and turn all my attention to his brother. I crouched over him on my hands and knees, kissing his mouth and neck and nipples as I worked my way downward. He was breathing hard, but otherwise played his passive role well and allowed me all the freedom of motion I desired. A nice change from Thranduil.

There was the continued commentary, of course, but it was more naughty than annoying to listen to the twins constantly enlightening each other of what they were doing, or had done to them. At least I knew something I could do that would shut Elrohir up.

He was quiet for about twenty seconds or so after I took his member into my mouth, and then he started again. Only now his utterances were interrupted with moans and much less coherent.

"Ah... I... brother, I'm dying! Ah... she's... killing me! Do something!"

I would have smiled smugly if I hadn't been so very occupied with making him die as sweetly as possible. Elladan was a good brother and did nothing, at least for a while. Then he set about making things a lot more difficult for me.

I felt him shift about on the mattress, so I was somewhat prepared to feel his hands stroking my backside and then his knee nudging my thighs apart. The motion caused Elrohir to spread his legs further as well, to make room for me, which confirmed that it wasn't the first time they had done this. As if I had suspected it was!

Elladan's fingers between my legs made me concentrate harder on the task at hand, but soon I was writhing as much as the elf under me. When he slid into me, I had to let go of Elrohir, for fear of biting him. If there was a moan of protest, I did not hear it. I was far too overwhelmed by the sensations Elladan created in me with his fervent pounding. The wait had prepared us both well and I eagerly met his every thrust, reveling in the extremely arousing combination of exquisite feeling and the mundane slapping noise as our bodies met again and again.

It was over for him much too soon for my taste, but then I became aware of Elrohir again. As his twin withdrew, he gently pulled me over him and made me straddle his hips. His need was very apparent, and before he could guide himself into me, I did so. His mixed expression of astonishment and bliss was so cute that I had to bend over to plant a quick kiss on his nose before I sat back again.

"I think the water-sprite is enjoying her ride on the sea-horse." It was Elladan whispering in my ear, and the comment made his brother buck even wilder, to my delight.

"Ah, I think so too," Elrohir replied raggedly, and then the silly world exploded. I collapsed on his chest in a giggling fit, utterly exhausted in every way imaginable.

To be continued...

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