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My Night and Next Day with Thranduil

Part 2 / 4
Author: Mary Aseltyne
Beta and Collaborator: Malinorne
Pairing: King Thranduil/OFC
Disclaimer: Just playing with Tolkien characters, for fun and not profit, do not claim to have created them.
Warnings: NC-17, some mild S&M
Summary: Mary and the King attempt to leave the party, but are interrupted.
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"I have a car and driver outside; let us not tarry," Thranduil said. Although a little taken aback that the implicit warning he had received from Elladan seemed to amuse rather than worry him, I was otherwise unafraid.

I had learned something during that kiss he had given me. He had pressed the whole length of his lean body against me, the thin buckskin of his leggings leaving little to the imagination, and I got the "feeling" that this Elf wanted me just as much as I wanted him, and that was very arousing. At least one piece of information I had heard about him was wrong, the one about not liking girls.

"Where are you going to take me?" I asked. "Some isolated place far from civilization? I hope?"

The Elf-king's face was split by a large, leering grin. He bent in towards me again, but this time he brushed the hair back from my neck to nuzzle me there gently, which raised goosebumps all the way down my back, before he whispered into my ear, "Not yet. Maybe later. I have a room at the Hyatt Regency, why don't we start there?"

His scent was once again filling my head and, as he drew back, his eyes held me as securely as if they were sword points skewering me into place. "That is, if you are not afraid...?"

Me? Afraid? Well, I was a little, but not enough to bolt and run from the challenge of getting to the bottom of this particular Elf's bad reputation in the fan fiction world. Or, at the very least, before I could get a peek at him naked. "Just let me say goodbye to the twins so they don't tear the place up looking for me later, okay?"

"As you wish," he replied as he stepped away and found his travel bag. "I will change back into something more suitable for an inn that terms itself a "regency" while you are gone."

"Aw," I said. "Do you have to change? I like your robe, it suits you."

At that moment there was another knock at the door. Thranduil snorted. "Those sons of Elrond are really starting to get on my nerves," he said with a slight sneer. "Although it is interesting to see how tightly you have them wound around your delicate little fingers."

They were starting to get on my nerves, too, but I knew they were only concerned with my best interest and physical well-being. I believed they were not trying to stop me from enjoying myself. Even though they actually were. I opened the door, prepared to shoo away either one who may have happened to be standing there, but was shocked to find it was not a twin who waited on the other side.

"Haldir!" I gasped. "When did you get here?"

"Just in time from the looks of things," he muttered darkly as he brushed right past me to face Thranduil and stood there between us. Like a wall. I had to peek around him to look at the King, who had removed his robe and stood bare-chested, revealing smooth creamy skin stretched taut over sinewy, sculpted muscles. Without the robe to cover him, the line of his skintight leggings revealed the still-rigid state of his "Elfhood."

I was damn proud of myself when I saw with my own eyes what I had only felt pressed against me, this now visible physical effect I had on a King. As I peered around the mighty Galadhrim's substantial form, while feasting my eyes on Thranduil's physique, I could feel my face grow hot. I just knew I would turn bright red if Haldir suddenly turned and saw where I was looking.

But he was staring at Thranduil, and the King stared right back. Neither spoke.

I stood directly behind Haldir, put my arms around his waist, which is like putting one's arms around an oak tree, and said, with my face pressed into his back, "I know the twins must have sent you in here to rescue me. Or one of the writers out there who think they know better. But I know what I'm doing. I am not in any danger."

He whirled, with his usual swiftness, grabbed one of my hands and drew me out into the hall beyond the door. His steely eyes bore into me as he gripped my shoulders and asked, "And just, exactly, what are you doing?"

"Research," I explained. "For the next story I am going to write for my group. It is going to be about Thranduil. And all I want to do is get his side of the story. You know, "from the horse's mouth" kind of information? Perhaps a one-on-one interview? You know, journalistic research..." I ended, finally having run out of words to at least not be flat out lying to Haldir, while his eyes just kept right on looking straight into mine. I had the uneasy sensation of being as transparent as glass.

"Honestly," I continued. "We are all so curious about him and we all know everything about you already...," which was not exactly the best thing to say at that moment. Through the partially opened door, I heard Thranduil snort behind us, but Haldir kept his eyes locked into mine as I continued to dig my hole deeper, "Like how kind you are and loyal, dutiful, brave and, you know, that kind of stuff is what I meant."

"And there is a reason this research has to be performed half naked?" he asked while gesturing behind him towards the shirtless Elf-king.

"Oh, that," I replied "Well, you see, he's just changing out of his party costume so we can go somewhere, um, quieter. To talk where there's not so much...traffic," I explained. "Between you and the twins it's like a bus station in there and it's hard to interview someone when people are jumping in with swords drawn ready to do battle every five minutes, or so."

I was starting to get my feet planted as I defended my rights as a writer in pursuit of a good story, with Haldir representing repressive forces determined to deny me the chance, instead of someone looking for a little hot Elf action. I felt on pretty solid ground.

"You are leaving with him? Do you think that is wise?" asked Haldir, obviously unconvinced. "Where is he taking you?" I carefully described the Hyatt Regency as a big, safe, people-packed "inn" where I would be safe with any Elf, including Thranduil. I made up something about how there were all sorts of staff people who constantly patrolled the hallways making sure no one was being injured, enslaved, tortured or killed. In my mind I pictured nosy housekeepers pushing their cleaning carts around, so I could kid myself about sort of telling the truth.

"I still do not like the sound of this," replied the golden Elf. "I think I will have a word with His Highness before I consider what is best for you." He whirled back into the room with the King and shut the door behind him.

I stood there for a minute muttering, "Oh yeah? What you think is best? What you think is best? Oh, what YOU think is best? I see, not what I think is best, no, it's what youuuu think is best..." and on and on while I got madder and madder as I felt myself being drawn farther and farther away from Thranduil. And that smooth creamy skin And those tight ass pants.

A door opened at the other end of the hall and Elrohir strode out to embrace me. He wore nothing but a towel around his waist, with traces of fresh bubble-bath foam around his neck and his shoulders. Apparently at least one writer had heard about his excellent bathing techniques.

"You're angry," he said while searching my face for a clue, "I can tell you are angry, what is it? Is there anything I can do? Do you need me to get my sword?" He stood up straight and looked up and down the hall for whatever villain it was who had upset me and was, therefore, in need of a good whacking. From him.

"You heard me from all the way down there?" I asked. "And you left someone alone in a bathtub to come out here in that towel to rescue me?" I did not know whether I wanted to kiss him or kick him in the shins at that moment. Luckily, fate intervened for him, and his shins, as Haldir came back out to join us.

"You have my permission to leave," he said grimly.

"You're leaving?" asked Elrohir in utter shock.

"Yes," I replied before I turned to Haldir. "And you can explain it to him because I want to leave right now." Then I turned back to the dripping wet twin, kissed him quickly, told him to say goodbye to Elladan for me, and explained that I would be back by tomorrow. Then I ran into the room with Thranduil and slammed the door behind me.

"I don't think we are ever going to get out of here," I said with a sorry sigh. "We might as well just give up." I was disappointed to find that he was already completely dressed. Goodbye creamy skin. But he still wore those tight leggings, which was pleasing. Very.

"Nonsense," said the King. "My driver is out front and we are leaving right now." With that said he slung his leather bag over his shoulder, took me by the elbow, and led me out into the surprisingly empty hallway. We were out the front door before any more well-meaning Elves could prevent us from finally escaping into the night. "Your chariot awaits, my lady," he said with a flourish as he handed his bag to the driver and held out a hand to assist me through the opened car door.

I guess that when you travel around with a King, the first thing you notice is that every thing is a step above First Class, which is for ordinary people. Royal class is for royal type people.

For example, Thranduil did not just have a "car" at his disposal. Instead he was driven around in a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow limousine with a luxurious interior of leather and real wood. There was a fancy little bar installed and big bench seats to lounge on.

I had never sat in such a vehicle before. I started to feel a little in-over-my-head as soft music played and the Elf-king uncorked a small flagon of champagne to pour us each a glass. I felt terribly underdressed in my jeans and "Haldir Lives" tee-shirt, but His Highness did not seem to notice, or care, as he treated me like an honored guest inside of his little mini-palace on wheels.

Running my hands over the leather seat, I tried to relax and act casual, as if I rode around in the back of fancy cars all the time. And chatted with Kings. Thranduil sat next to me sipping his champagne passively. Passively like a panther at rest.

It was impossible to even raise my own glass up to my mouth. I knew my hands would shake so badly that I would end up spilling champagne all over the place. I held on to it with both hands and watched the Elf-king's face as it was illuminated, then left in shadow, and then illuminated again by the street lights as we traveled through the city streets. His lean face was inscrutable. I wondered what he was thinking.

"Do you like the music?" he asked politely as he put his hand up to my face and started stroking my cheek with the back of his knuckles. I sat perfectly still and nodded "yes". His face widened in a smile and he leaned in closer, kissing my neck right above the collar, pushing his face past my hair while leaning his body against my side. I closed my eyes and drank in the sensations of his hot breath, delicious scent, and the silky texture of his hair, which brushed against my cheek.

He drew my hand over into his lap and placed it palm down on the hardness that pulsed beneath his leggings; alive, hungry, almost angry. His kisses turned to soft nibbles and then, unexpectedly, he bit me, hard. Well, not really hard, but enough to make me jump and cry out "Ow!" And splash champagne all over both of us.

Thranduil drew back with a chuckle and quickly dried us off with a napkin from the bar, after taking the empty glass away from me and putting it aside. He leaned back next to me and put his free hand at the nape of my neck, which sent shivers down my spine.

He continued to sip from his glass while his fingers gently wrapped themselves in and out of my hair. I could not move. The skin on my neck where he had sunk his teeth tingled and it was all I could do to keep myself from touching it. I kept my hands clasped on my lap and tried to pretend that my damp palms were caused by lust and not by outright fear.

Finally he drained his glass, placed it aside, and brought his other hand over to the back of my head to turn my face directly toward his. He laid a finger on the spot where he had bit me and stroked there.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked.

"A little," I whispered back.

"You liked it," he said.

"A little," I whispered back.

"I think you liked it more than a little," he said as he lowered his face to mine and began to kiss me...

To be continued......

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