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My Night and Next Day with Thranduil

Part 4 / 4
Author: Mary Aseltyne
Beta and Collaborator: Malinorne
Pairing: King Thranduil/OFC
Disclaimer: Just playing with Tolkien characters, for fun and not profit, do not claim to have created them.
Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Mary completes the research for a story she wants to write about King Thranduil.
Author's notes: If you have seen the movie, "Somewhere in Time," with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour, then you have seen both Mackinac Island, and The Grand Hotel, where the movie was filmed. Both of these places will be mentioned in this part.
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The sun was suddenly upon the king and me, hot, bright, and blinding as it bounced off the concrete. We moved under a fluttering awning that covered part of the patio. Thranduil used a phone at the outdoor bar to order room service, while I picked up his robe, wrapped it around my naked self, and stretched out on a lounge chair nearby.

I wondered who had taught the king how to use a phone. I wondered about a lot of things. Like the reasons anyone would believe the crazy things I had been told about him at the party. And I thought about the reasons that they probably should believe some of it. And how much I did not want to go back there.

Although I was interested to hear what he and Haldir had discussed, it did not seem important anymore. I bided my time while the hotel staff brought breakfast carts out to set up a table, chairs, and breakfast for us. After imbibing in brandy, champagne and wine the night before, I could not do much more than nibble on some toast, sip coffee and watch the king. I was sure he would send me away after we had eaten.

Thranduil's plate was filled by a Texas-sized omelet smothered in chili sauce, with sausages, toast, and thinly sliced fried potatoes on the side. The sound of the morning traffic grew louder now and each screaming siren, or blast of a honking horn, seemed to annoy the breakfasting monarch. Even in the clear, unforgiving light of day, he was so flawlessly beautiful that it was hard not to stare at him. He frequently grimaced from the irritatingly intrusive noises from the streets below.

"I have decided that I will take you away from here," he said. "Some place away from this infernally hot city with its ceaseless noise and noxious smells."

Remembering his remarks from the night before, I immediately thought of what it would be like to visit an inn by the Long Lake in Middle Earth. I could imagine how lovely it would be to stay in a place like that, with the king for company. What I could not imagine was a way to get there from wherever we were in Texas.

But the hot dry air made me long for a body of water to be near, like an ocean, or a lake. I would have settled for a decent swimming-pool. The tiny shallow pond on the patio held only a few inches of water and it was warm when I got up to splash about in it. I held the king's borrowed robe up past my shins, but it was hardly refreshing.

There are various places around my home state of Michigan that are green, pretty, and very quiet. When I mentioned I had recently visited a little resort area, Mackinac Island, where motor vehicles were not permitted, Thranduil's mood lightened and he listened with interest. I sat back at the table to tell him more.

I assured him he would feel very comfortable at the Grand Hotel. It was hard to think of what the easiest route there would be. I was still woozy from the wine and exhausted from the night's revelry, but, worst of all, I was dying for a hot shower and some fresh clothes. I had none. All of my things had been left behind me, with Elladan and Elrohir, at the party.

The twins! I sat up straight and silently watched Thranduil finish his meal while wondering how I was going to ask him to take me back there, before we went anywhere else. The wind had picked up in intensity, making the awning flap wildly overhead. The water in the reflecting pool had little wavelets that sparkled and flashed in the sun and the king appeared distracted by the sight.

"I have had your personal items delivered here," he said casually without taking his eyes from the glittering water. "They are in the foyer if you wish to bathe and change." He wiped his mouth with his napkin and set it aside. "The Imladris brats are also well taken care of." He turned his green gaze to me. "Pay them no further mind while you are with me."

"You know," I told him, "I can't tell if it really bothers me, or if I really like it, that you can read my mind." I finished my coffee while thinking about what he just told me, before adding, "And, they are not...brats."

I tried to keep my thinking as neutral as possible to not let him know how touched I was. Every time he did something nice, or spoke kindly to me, it sent curious little thrills through me. I was not sure if that was good...or stupid.

"It is not stupid!" He snorted. "I am not often inclined to be kind."

"Is there any way I can stop you from doing that?" I asked as I stood to go shower. "That mind-reading thing?"

"I cannot think of any possible way," he replied. He grabbed my hand as I walked past him, and drew me down to sit on his lap. His smile seemed to brighten the already bright day when he looked at me while stroking my cheek with the knuckles of his large hand. I was hoping for another kiss or two, but I knew better than to ask.

He let his fingers trail down my neck, where they turned to travel over my collarbone to the place where the robe gapped out slightly over my breasts. He reached inside and held one of them, briefly, too briefly, before withdrawing his hand and closing the robe more securely over them. "Get up. Go bathe and change. I have some more business to attend to and you are far too distracting."

Distracting a king sounded much more fun than leaving him alone, so I stayed where I was for a moment and sighed out, "Yes Sir, Your Highness, Sir." I was about to remove the robe when the serving staff coming out onto the patio to clear away our breakfast. I was off his lap and away as I hurried into the hotel room to shower.

As I stood under the pounding water, I wished he would join me. After all of the ungentle business I had undergone the night before it amazed me that I was not sore anywhere. In fact I felt wonderful. I finished showering alone and dressed quickly. It had been a long time since I was by myself in a bathroom without at least one twin to wash me and help me into my clothes. It actually felt nice.

When I came back to the patio Thranduil was just hanging up the phone. He told me that arrangements had been made to fly us both to Michigan and a private car would be there for our use. No driver. He had made reservations at the Grand Hotel and we would drive ourselves there from the airport.

"When do we leave?" I was practically dancing around that patio. I was going to get to drive us because Thranduil had never even sat in the front of a car before that day. I wondered when we would get there, for it was still quite early in the morning, and I knew it was two hours later in Michigan. I had no watch and had no idea what time it was.

"We will leave within the hour and should be there by noon," said Thranduil over his shoulder as he went into the rooms to change.

On our way to the airport, I resisted the urge to ask for any more information about Elladan and Elrohir. I knew they were fine, wherever they were, probably with a couple of lucky writers, and that they were very big boys who could take care of themselves. I hoped that they were having as much fun as I was.

I do not know who helped Thranduil with that day's arrangements. There must be an Elf-muse travel agency. We were high in the air over Texas in a private plane without delay, or weapons search, or baggage scanning, just moments after we stepped out of the limousine. Kings, it turns out, do not walk through metal detectors.

As we flew, we looked out at the clouds. Or, at least, the king did and I watched him look. Thranduil loved the view. He knows all about clouds, more than I ever knew. Like how they are formed and how they rain. Why some are high and thin, others lower and puffier, and, oh, so much information I learned that day about them. I am afraid I have forgotten most of it. But, it was the most talkative he had been so far. After we disembarked, he took my hand as we walked across the tarmac towards the car waiting there for us.

When we drove away from the airport I found it hard to concentrate on the road. Especially when he was sitting right next to me with his hand on my leg. He quickly discovered that the wrap-around skirt I had on allowed his fingers to slip under the opening in the fabric to caress the skin of my inner thigh at the most inconvenient times.

As long as he just left his hand to sit there, quiet and unmoving, I was just fine. No, better than fine, I felt magnificent. But, more often than not, his fingers would travel and I would have to remind him about the danger of distracting the driver. I do not believe he ever did take my warnings very seriously, but he stopped short of actually causing an accident on the freeway.

We had to ride on a ferry to Mackinac Island, a 15 minute ride, and the vibration of the massive engines irked him noticeably. But it was only a momentary irritation. There are no cars allowed on the tiny resort island, which was apparent immediately when we disembarked and were welcomed with the sounds of horse hooves clopping.

I felt no hesitation entering the Grand Hotel with Thranduil. The typical visitors there dressed very casually and I felt at home. There are many international visitors to the island and I think it tickled the king that he drew very few curious glances and no open-jawed stares from either visitors or staff.

As he checked us in, I read in a hotel brochure about things we could do after we unloaded our bags in our room. We could walk around the park-like hotel grounds, or take a carriage ride through the pine-forested areas, or walk along the boardwalk visiting the little shops. We could even rent a sailboat and go sailing. I was looking forward to the day.

Thranduil loved our room. There was no chrome or black leather; the antique furnishings were of heavy, carved dark woods with plush velvety upholstery in traditional styles. But, best of all, for the king, were the French doors that stretched across one entire wall. They opened onto a private balcony area, providing a view of sparkly blue water and cloudless sky.

The only noises to be heard, when they stood open, were the sounds of the gulls calling and the gentle lapping made by the lake waves. Thranduil stood in the brilliant sunshiny doorway and gestured for me to join him at his side. I slipped my arm around his waist and drank in his scent.

"Well," I asked, "do you want to go for a walk?"

"Maybe later," he said as he removed my tee-shirt, pulling it off of my head and tossing it on the nearest chair, before undoing the knot on the tie that held the wrap-around skirt at my waist. "I have been wanting to do this since this morning," he said as it fell to the floor.

We did not leave the room at all that warm, breezy day. Thranduil insisted the French doors remain open and I wondered what kind of show we were putting on for the boaters out on the water. I was soon past caring as we took turns thinking of new and better positions to play around with.

We tried the tables, the dressers, the sofas, the floor and, of course, the large bed. Thranduil was a tender, athletic and voracious lover. No more tortures, no more tests, no more hurting Mary for fun. He was generous with his caresses and as strong as both of the twins combined. His large, firm hands were expert, knowing, and magical at times.

We took turns being in charge and, when it was my turn, I had fun ordering him around.

"Lay flat on your back, kingy, and don't move," I said with my finger pointed directly at his nose. "If you know what's good for you."

"You do know," he warned, "that you might just get that spanking after all."

"I'm counting on it," I replied. "Now lie down flat and put your hands behind your head. And be still."

I climbed up on him and faced away so he could enter me from behind. I rode him slowly, lifting my bottom high enough for him to watch his thick, glistening member slide almost all the way out, before lowering myself back down on that hard, wide shaft. I reached between my legs to cup and stroke the petal soft skin of his lordly testicles. He later complimented me on the "heart stopping view."

It was dark outside when we finally realized how hungry we were, and thirsty. We ordered room service and ate on the bed without any clothes on. Afterwards, Thranduil lay across the foot of the bed and played with my toes while I sat up against the headboard finishing my dessert. He loved my toes. He pronounced them "ridiculous" and would not leave them alone. They made him laugh.

But he would not let me put anything edible on him for licking purposes. He thought the entire notion was "repugnant" and did not wish to discuss it any further. I strategically dripped some raspberry syrup on my breasts. He changed his mind really fast. We were soon both very sticky. In the shower, later, he thought of uses for the hand-held shower massager that I had never thought of before, but would not soon forget. If ever.

He found a rug-burn on my shoulder and apologized.

"It was my fault, really, " I told him. "You warned me we were going to fall off of the love seat if I kept doing, you know, what I was doing."

"Yes. I do know what you were doing." He turned off the shower. "Do you wish to try it again? Maybe on the bed this time?" I had to think about that. It was getting so late.

"But," I replied, "your plane..."

"Will wait," he said firmly. Then he picked me up and carried me, soaking wet, to the bed.

After that, it really was time for us both to go home. We had a lot of driving to do and I had not slept for a couple of days. Thank goodness for elf magic. And coffee.

As we drove to the airport, I told Thranduil that I was going to write a story about him. But not just any story. I was going to write one that would make him appear much different in the eyes of the fan fiction readers in my group.

"No one is ever going to see you the same, when I am done with it," I promised. He assured me that his reputation in the fan fiction world was of no concern to him.

It was not easy saying goodbye to the king at the airport. And, as his plane took off, I realized I had never found out what he and Haldir had talked about behind that closed bedroom door at the muse-swapping party. But, I did get plenty of research done for my story. And I hope you liked it.

The End

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