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Drabble Smut

By: Malinorne
Author's notes: These, my very first attempt at 100-word drabbles, were all written for the 2007 Screw Yule Celebration at Little Balrog in response to the daily challenges January 1-7. They are all smutty to some degree, but not necessarily graphic. A big thank-you hug to Zhie, the organiser, for providing the links that made it possible to write about even the little-known characters and situations without spending hours on research!
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Sweet Victory
Challenge: Sons of Fanor - any pairing involving one of them.

Leaving the task of burning the carcasses of the defeated orcs to his victorious army and the surviving Haladin, Caranthir sat in his tent, enjoying the reasonable treat of a greedy mouth sliding up and down his cock. Reluctant at first to let one of the Second-born so close to his person, he had not foreseen the seemingly innocent Haleth's skills. Ah! Humans could be useful, after all. Perhaps even as allies. As soon as she had finished licking his juices off her lips he would extend his generous offer of protection. And then she would be very grateful again...

Challenge: War of the Last Alliance - any pairing involving e.g. Gil-Galad, Oropher, or Elrond. Must be set in Mordor.

Day 627 of the siege of Barad-dr. Weary, decimated armies in a barren plain that could not even feed goats. Still, there was hope, pockets of life in this land of death and darkness. In a dry ditch sheltered by rocks, one of the wenches that accompanied the army of Gondor moaned with lust in time with the rocking hips of Gil-Galad's herald on top of her. Alliances like this made the war bearable, he thought, as each thrust brought him nearer completion, even if this would not be the day when the cornerstones of the black tower would crumble.

Happily Ever After
Challenge: Forgotten Children - any pairing involving at least one little-known child of a famous character. I picked Elured and Elurin - twin sons of Dior Eluhil - and Irim/Lalwen/Gladhwen, youngest daughter of Finw. It seemed more fitting to use the Sindarin form of rim's (mother) name Lalwen (laughing maiden). Not that rim is a bad name either... it appears to mean 'desired' ;-)

In a sunny glade of a secluded corner of Eryn Vorn, two ellyn licked and kissed an elleth covered in honey, while she, laughing, was trying to give equal attention to both their elfhoods. Suddenly, a passing cloud cast its shadow over them, and the playful trio interrupted their games for a moment, as so many times before.

"Gladhwen, do you think your nephew still wants to kill us?" asked Elured.

"Who cares..."

"But is it not best we remain hidden?" said Elurin, acting on a nudge from his brother.

"Oh, definitely. Celegorm is such an evil bastard. More honey?"

Challenge: Alluring Allitterations - pair up any two characters whose names begin with the same letter.

In the depths of the Halls of the Elvenking, an unlikely pair - Galadriel and Galion, the butler, - shared some precious moments.

"You are beautiful," he said groggily, "I could caress your voluptuous curves forever, were it not for my rising desire to feel your taste on my tongue, to ram my hard corkscrew into your tight..."

"Galion," she interrupted, her face flushed from twisting her pearl, "that bottle can wait, but I want your other 'corkscrew', now. Look!" The sight of her glistening finger made him oblivious to the noise of shattering glass as he dropped the bottle.

A Elbereth!
Challenge: Vala Appreciation Day / Half-Elven Bliss - this is a combined entry for two challenges and pairs a Vala with a peredhel, rather than Vala+elf and peredhel+elf.

The high Lord and Lady on Taniquetil took turns tenderly stroking the glossy hair of the sleeping Erendil.

"It was my name he cried out in passion," sighed Varda wistfully. "I wish we could keep him, but he is exhausted already from our little flirt."

"Neither I desire his return to a life of misery on the other shore, were I even to lift the ban. I would not deprive us of the sight of him, or his shiny adornment. "

"You are so considerate." She shared a deep kiss with Manw. "Then I know what to do with him..."

Over the Edge
Challenge: Lords of Gondolin - pairing must involve one of the lords of Gondolin, but preferably not set in the city itself.

The Encircling Mountains seemed to echo with the slapping sounds of ardent lovemaking as Rog pounded into his beloved, who stood on her hands and knees urging him on with whimpers and moans. The trouble of stealthily climbing all the way up here had been worth it already when the joy of beholding the outside world had been reflected in her eyes. And now, when he moved his fingers to stroke her core after feeling the rhythmical bounce of her supple breasts, it would not be long before he would bring them both over the edge in another sense, too.

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Posted: January 16, 2007

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