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Drabbles for the Screw Yule Celebration 2009

By: Malinorne
Author's notes: These 100 word drabbles were written for the Screw Yule Celebration 2009 at Little Balrog, a way to kick off the new year with lots of elf smut. All are rated R, look at the header of each drabble for summary and info on the daily challenge it was written for.
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You Will Recall...
Challenge: Truth or dare
Characters: Elladan & Eowyn
Summary: Eowyn learns why special attention should be paid to an elf’s ears. Warning: Fanon!

Eowyn giggled at her recently acquired friend.

”What do you mean, Elladan? Are you saying I can tousle your hair when we kiss, but not touch your ears?”

“Do it if you dare, but you may not like the outcome.”

“They won’t fall off, will they?” She hesitated.

“They will not.” The daring look in his eyes coupled with his devious grin made it impossible to resist, and she boldly ran her finger along the edge of his left ear.

“I can’t see anything happening... hey, Elladan, what are you doing? Not in here! Not on the table! Wha... ”

Just Trust Imagination
Challenge: Chocolate covered elf
Characters: Elrohir & Eowyn
Summary: Sometimes, leaving things to imagination is just as good.

Eowyn was a promising lover, Elrohir decided as he licked the last drips of honey from her belly, accompanied by laughter and pleas to stop. Her innocence was coupled with lust for adventure and she had been eager to learn and try everything, just as Elladan had told him. He looked into her eyes and kissed her.

“That was good,” he whispered. “Now, what would you taste on me?”

“Chocolate. Here.” Her fingers closed around his erection. Soon her mouth would do the same, if only...”

“We’re out of it,” he groaned.

“Then I will just have to trust imagination.”

Tricky Situation
Challenge: Morning after. Two characters wake up in bed with each other - and don't recall a thing!
Characters: Elrohir & Eowyn
Summary: An elf is an elf, and does it really matter if it’s Elladan or Elrohir?

“You’re not Elladan! And what’s this sticky mess?”

“Honey, apparently. There’s a little on your wrist, too! Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No,” she said reluctantly, suspiciously eying her freshly licked wrist. “But it’s your brother I’m dating.”

“We’re almost the same. Look, there’s more honey there! Mm, your breasts are delicious. ”

“You are certainly taking liberties!”

“Doesn’t Elladan?”

“Hmm, yes.”

“There, see, we’re practically the same. People say we kiss alike, too. Let me show you.”

“I’m beginning to see what you mean. Funny, even your cocks look similar. Let me guess... they work alike, too?”

Challenge: Silence is golden. No dialogue. Everything should be told in narrative.
Characters: Elladan & Eowyn & Elrohir
Summary: Eowyn has a difficult choice to make, or so she thinks.

Eowyn discovered that in spite of their physical likeness, Elladan and Elrohir were indeed different personalities, and different as lovers. During the nights that followed – and some of the days – she spent much time trying to figure out whom she preferred. Elladan was the best kisser, but nothing could make her melt as quickly as Elrohir’s tongue between her legs. On the other hand, being taken by Elladan from behind was a pleasure she would not forego, and neither would she give up licking Elrohir’s proud member, chocolate-covered or no. She realized that only with both would she feel complete.

This is the last drabble with Eowyn and the twins, but their adventures are continued in Gone.

Never Mind the Weather
Challenge: Stuck in the Middle. All characters in the story must have names that start with M or N. At least two must be elves. The title has to start with M or N, too.
Characters: Maedhros & Nerwen
Summary: Young Maedhros and Nerwen go hunting.

“Where are the others?” Nerwen narrowed her eyes. “You and the rest of my cousins have invited me to go hunting a hundred times, and when I finally decide to come, they aren’t here, not even your pet.”

“Sometimes, a change of company is good.”

“Now it’s raining, too. I’m leaving!”

“Really? Don’t you want to know?”


“What I’m hunting. What you could conquer.”

“Suppose I do, but the rain...”

“Never mind the weather; there’s a cave nearby.”

“Inhabited by an angry snake, no doubt.” She brushed her hand against his groin, smirking. “All right, I will tame it.”

Pursuit of Pleasure
Challenge: Get a room! (Easier said than done). All they want is a little privacy, but everywhere they go – denied! Do they eventually find a cozy little spot for two?
Characters: Galadriel & Celeborn
Summary: Privacy is in your mind. Or is it?

“Ah! Yes, just like that!” Celeborn’s voice became a ragged whisper. “Moan louder, dear.”

“For them?”

“No, for me! Don’t stop! Please! Yes, yeees...”

They both came to spectacular release borne on the cheers from the crowd. Ovations had built gradually since they entered the stage, culminated during penetration and seemed never to stop. Coins rained over the tall couple as they left, smiling and holding hands.

“I know everywhere else was full,” she remarked, “and I wanted you badly, too, but, darling, a sex club?”

“You’ve wondered for yéni how it would feel.”

“I have no privacy.” She smiled.

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Posted: February 1, 2009

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