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Scenes from a Life

by Malinornë
Summary: A maidservant at a small inn, conveniently situated within reach of all the remaining Elven realms, learns that Elves make life more interesting.

Nomination for the MPA 2005
Part I: Offence Part II: Amends Part III: More
Part IV: Happiness Part V: Disappointment Part VI: Starkindler
Part VII: Nemesis Part VIII: Trust Part IX: Safety
Part X: Return Part XI: Freedom
If you still want more of Eadhild and the Elvenking, go to 'Other Adventures' and read Game and Embers.
These awesome portraits of Thranduil, Rúmil and Orophin are made by Gwyllion and used with her kind permission. Please do not reproduce without permission from the artist.

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