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Drabble illustration by Walkure

Last Dance

By: Malinorne
Author's notes: This is also a 100 word drabble for Screw Yule, but I decided to post it separately for two reasons. Firstly, it's silly, fun and very AU, all in honour of the old days when the Little Balrog group was full of lovely silliness. Secondly, and more important, it has an illustration, generously offered by Walkure. You can see more of her stunning elves here and here . Thank you, Walkure!
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Last Dance
Challenge: Crossing the line or putting your foot down aka cross-dressing & dominatrix day!
Characters: Fledgling Domme!Eowyn, Elladan in a pink tutu and Elrohir wearing a purple feather boa
Summary: Eowyn tries to break in her new ponies. Warning: Silliness. In case you haven’t guessed already :-)

Eowyn cracked her whip. “Please, that has to be the last dance, or I’ll burst from laughing.” The image of the two elves dancing, naked from the waist down, penises jutting forth under pink tutu and purple feathers, was simply too much.

“Don’t laugh, punish us,” Elrohir prompted.

“Will you suffer very much if you have to lick my boots?” Enthusiastic nods followed. “Then do it, Elrohir! You, Elladan, kneel and watch!”

Soon Elladan was allowed to join his twin, the working area expanded, new commands given. And Eowyn was caught in the middle in the ultimate tango for three.

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Posted: February 2, 2009

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