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Letter to Eowyn

By: Malinorne
Beta: Erfan Starled
Characters: Elladan, Elrohir and Eowyn
Rating: R
Summary: A few months after parting from their Rohan lady, supposedly forever, the sons of Elrond send her a letter.
Author's notes: Written for the Little Balrog Love Fest 2009 . Itís not necessary to read my drabbles and story about these characters to understand this letter, but youíll probably get more out of it if you do (see below).
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To our sweet Eowyn of Rohan from Elladan Elrondion and Elrohir, his brother:

We hear that you have met a ranger who caused you sorrow. Do not despair! He is not the one we believe is yours Ė this man is but a ruffian like ourselves, and, furthermore too old for you. Surely such things do not dishearten our brave Eowyn? We know, and count ourselves lucky!

Jests aside, trust our word: this ranger, Estel, is a vain pursuit. Our sister has claims on him. She has always had a way of getting what she wanted, in spite of our fatherís decisions, and she is determined to have this man. Count him your friend, if you will, but do not waste your dreams on him. Nor your tears!

The other one will come, you will have your ranger; this is our trust, stronger than mere hope. These are evil times, as well you know, and dark enough without the added sorrows of an aching heart. Take courage!

And if, when this darkness lies behind us all and light prevails once more, if for some reason the one in your future tarries Ė if you then desire, nothing would please us more than to show you the most recent additions to our collection of limericks. You would not be disappointed, I assure you! Elrohir insists they are most inspiring, as well as indecent, of course...

Sweetest Eowyn, if our roads should never again meet, then know at least that you have brought a precious freshness into our lives. Your delightful giggles, like echoes of a time more free of cares, made us feel young again. This memory will still remain with us when our bodies have long forgotten the pleasures we shared.

Ever yours,
Elladan and Elrohir

P.S. from Elladan:
Eowyn, my sweet and brave, only words too crude for a letter to a lady can describe what it felt like to take advantage of your offer. Therefore, I will limit myself to this: INCREDIBLE.

P.S. from Elrohir:
Our last night together, Eowyn! If only you knew how many times already that memory has warmed me on a lonely night, or allowed me a few momentsí rest from my thoughts after the deeds of my sword. I will spare you the details, with which, you, as a shield maiden, are undoubtedly more familiar than I would wish.

I can see you still as you were that night; your face flushed as you rode me, strands of hair glued to your sweaty forehead, the blush on your cheeks. Your beaming eyes! Your lips forming my name! And your delicious breasts, beckoning to my hands and mouth with every bounce as together we set them dancing. You, giving yourself to me with such abandon!

Your taste still lingers on my fingertips, and your laughter in my heart.

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Posted: February 14, 2009

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