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Some fun, interesting, naughty & useful Tolkien-related sites

The Hunt for Gollum An independent online movie and unofficial prequel to LOTR. Watch online for free!
Born of Hope One more unofficial prequel to LOTR, this one focusing on Aragorn's history. Also freely available online.
The Hobbit Blog The official blog of The Hobbit movies.
Zhie's Valinor Hilarious (but not only!) fanfiction by Zhie
Mirkwood Tourist Board Visit the realm of the Elvenking (part of the humor site Elf on a Shelf)
Ted Nasmith Awesome LOTR artwork by the well-known Tolkien illustrator Ted Nasmith.
Thranduil Lovers Anonymous Yahoo fanfic group dedicated to Thranduil.
The Council of Elrond LOTR information, discussion forums, Elvish language courses (Quenya & Sindarin)
The Thain's Book Encyclopedia of Middle-earth and Numenor. Even better than the above!
Ardalambion The most extensive site on Tolkien's languages.
Quick Tengwar Write your name in Elvish in ten minutes.
Ansereg Essays Analysis and references for Tolkien fans, e.g. a scholarly analysis (!) of sex in Tolkien.
Legolas of Mirkwood An article with probably all the canon information there is about Legolas. If you're interested in movie Legolas and/or archery, don't miss 'The Boy with the Bow' at the same site.
The Trees Remember Fanfiction archive focused on the history of Mirkwood; stories are rated G to PG-13.
The Silmarillion Writers' Guild Fanfiction archive and reference library focused on Silmarillion. Stories of all ratings.

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