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Our Mission Statement
Thranduil is NOT evil

(but you know that already, or you wouldn't visit here!)

Our mission is to restore both the reputation and good name of Middle-earth's wood-elves' "Greatest King" to their former and well-deserved glory.

Yes, Thranduil is hot-tempered and suspicious -- but that does not mean that he is evil or lacking in self-control.

Yes, he imprisoned the dwarves -- but their stated sentence was 'until they learned some manners', so that means he must have known bad manners from good manners, and that means he knew, and probably used, good manners.

Yes, he displayed a certain modicum of greed by claiming a portion of Smaug's treasure as his own, before he had even caught up with the dwarves who were on their way to grab it first -- but many of the king's elven folk were victims of the dragon's voracious appetite for treasure. (And the dwarves should have told him the truth about why they were traveling in his forest, so they owed him a toll.)

We agree that the elves' creator, JRR Tolkien, did not endow that race with overheated sexual appetites, except in some rare cases. However, we also feel that JRR was woefully neglectful in exploring the possibility that mortal maids might have something to offer an elf-lord that your typical run-of-the mill elleth does not. And especially a bored Elvenking, who has no more enemies of darkness to do battle against, which had kept him pretty busy for centuries.

We refuse to see Thranduil without these basic fundamentals: the semi-divine grace bestowed through his Sindar heritage, the nobility of his mighty high-elven bloodline, the shrewdness and wisdom that comes with a long life, and the courage of his father.

We keep in mind that the Elvenking single-handedly fought off Sauron's evil dominion over Dol Guldur, located in the southern portion of the Great Greenwood, for over a thousand years, without any outside help and without a ring of power.

We prefer to believe that, as he fathered a son, Thranduil was created heterosexual by Tolkien, that Iluvatar knew what he was doing when he gave him male parts instead of a female one, and that the King knew perfectly well where his parts were intended to fit. If others see him differently, that is none of our affair. They can have their version, we prefer ours!

We will never go out of our way to attack any one else's version of the great Elvenking but if anybody tries to pick a fight with our version, we will defend him with our 'swords' (keyboards) to the best of our ability. We reserve the right to see Thranduil the way we like to see him and only the way we like to see him. He is not a brute, or a rapist, or a tyrant. Well, maybe he is a tyrant, but in a nice kind of way. We sort of like him arrogant and naughty, too ;-)

Our chief goal is to change the minds of Het Tolkien fandom readers and writers about the acceptability of Mirkwood's Elfking as a romantic leading man. The more we see "Thranduil/OFC" in a title header, the happier we feel!

If anyone else was writing these kinds of stories about the Elfking, then we would not have had to do it.

Long live the king!

Mary & Mal

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Updated: July 14, 2005

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"Long live Thranduil, great Elf-king of Greenwood!"