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All stories are completed, unless otherwise stated.

One way or another
by Malinornë
Summary: Thorin Oakenshield and company were caught trespassing in Mirkwood forest and are imprisoned by the Elvenking, who is determined to find out their errand, any way it takes. Mal is eager to assist.

The Dragon Bride
by Malinornë
Summary: A dragon has moved into the Lonely Mountain and threatens the existence of mortals and Wood-elves alike. According to ancient lore, it can be persuaded to leave, if provided with a suitable bride...

Part 1... Part 2... Part 3

A Most Unseemly Offer
by Malinornë
Summary: On a rare journey to the far south, Thranduil prepares a few surprises for his loyal seneschal Thaladir, an elf too serious for his own good.

Chapter 1... Chapter 2

Mary's first drabble
by Mary
Summary: Written in response to Kat's drabble challenge, for the quote "There's always a horny phase."

The King's Vineyard
by Mary
Summary: A young woman and her uncle travel north from the inland sea of Rhûn to Esgaroth seeking employment at the Elvenking's vineyard. Romance, Rated R.

Scenes from a Life
by Malinorne
Summary: A maidservant at a small inn, conveniently situated within reach of all the remaining Elven realms, learns that Elves make life more interesting. PWP-ish drama, Rated NC-17.

by Malinorne
Summary: A maidservant at an inn brings the Elvenking his breakfast. A 'missing scene' from Scenes of a Life. Definitely a PWP. Totally plotless. Just smut for fans of the Elvenking ;-). Rated NC-17.

by Malinornë
Summary: A maidservant satisfies more than her curiosity about a black-clad elf with a hot temper. PWP, rated NC-17. Sort of sequel to 'Scenes from a Life'.

by Malinorne
Summary: Lovers of old meet again. PWP-ish romance, rated R. Sort of sequel to 'Scenes from a Life' and 'Game'.

Autumn Leaves
by Mary A
Summary: During a night of merry-making and song in Mirkwood, thirteen dwarves escape imprisonment from the dungeons of the Elvenking, Thranduil, and make their way to Lake-town, with some unexpected assistance. Rated G.

A Treat from the Kitchen
by Malinorne
Summary: Thranduil is in distress and a young maidservant with a compassionate heart is willing to do anything to lighten his mood. PWP-ish romance, rated NC-17.

But Not Tonight
by Malinorne
Summary: A young woman comes to visit her lover, but something is amiss. Slightly angsty sequel to 'A Treat from the Kitchen'. Rated PG-13.

An Eventful Evening
by Mary A
Summary: Thranduil grants his wife an extraordinary privilege, but can she fulfill the necessary requirements? Mild BDSM, rated R.

Stories featuring other elves

by Malinornë
Summary: One morning when Maeglin's faithful maid brings him his breakfast, she finds that he has a hunger for more than bread...

Letter to Eowyn
by Malinorne
Summary: A few months after parting from their Rohan lady, supposedly forever, the sons of Elrond send her a letter (makes more sense if you first read 'Gone' (see below)).

by Malinorne
Summary: There's an end to everything, even the amorous adventures of Elladan, Eowyn and Elrohir. (Works best if you first read the Screw Yule 2009 Drabbles below, but can be read as a stand-alone fic as well).

Last Dance
by Malinorne
Summary: Eowyn has too much fun breaking in her new ponies. (AU drabble with illustration by Walkure).

Screw Yule 2009 Drabbles
by Malinorne
Summary: Six hot 100 word drabbles written for the Screw Yule Celebration 2009, a way to kick off the new year with elf smut, and lots of it. Rated R. Characters: Elladan/Eowyn, Elrohir/Eowyn, Celeborn/Galadriel, Maedhros/Nerwen

Winter Festival Drabbles
by Malinorne
Summary: Four 100 word drabbles written for Smaug as part of the 2008 Mereth Rhiw Winter Festival. Rated G to PG. Characters: Aragorn/Arwen, Celeborn/Galadriel, Bilbo

by Malinorne
Summary: For those who dare enter the Golden Wood uninvited, there's a price to pay.... Rated R. Haldir/OFC

Shadows of Nan Elmoth
by Malinorne
Summary: Aredhel seeks a different life and finds it in the shadows of Eöl's realm.. Rated PG13 to R. Aredhel/Eöl

Musings on Maeglin
by Malinorne
Summary: Maeglin's maid Eäriel ponders her relationship with her employer. Rated NC-17. Maeglin/OFC

by Marina aka Aearwen o Rómendor
Summary: When Thranduil's two courtesans find a chance to get together, the inevitable happens. Rated R. OMC/OFC, Galion, cameo by Thranduil.

Drabble Smut
by Malinorne
Summary: Six smutty drabbles written for the Ultimate Elf Swap chapllenge of Little Balrog's Screw Yule Celebration 2007. Rated PG to NC-17. Various pairings, e.g. Galadriel/Galion, Caranthir/Haleth, Elrond/OFC

In the Name of Curiosity
by Malinorne
Summary:Galadriel is preparing to sail west, but before she leaves Middle-earth, there is something she has to do... Written for the Ultimate Elf Swap challenge of Little Balrog's Screw Yule Celebration 2007. Rated R. Galadriel/Faramir, Celeborn/Eowyn

A Lay of Beleriand
by Malinorne
Summary: After rescuing the Haladin from an orc-raid, Maglor gets to know their new leader much better than he expected. Silmarillion-based, PWP-ish romance with a little bit of angst. Rated R. Maglor/Haleth.

Green Grove
by Mary
Summary: A young woman wakes up in a strange place after a car accident. A Tolkien fanstory, rated G.

Chapter 1... Chapter 2... Chapter 3... Chapter 4... Chapter 5

Chapter 6...Chapter 7...Chapter 8... Chapter 9...Chapter 10

Songs for Gilrain - A Tolkien realm Fairy Tale
by Mary
Summary: A fisherman who wants to play music at the court of a King gets his wish. Rated G.

A Tale of Two Swords
by Mary A
Summary: A young squire of Gondor meets two citizens of Imladris who offer to entertain him while he waits for his Captain to return from the Council of Elrond. Rated NC-17.

Chapter 1... Chapter 2... Chapter 3

The Two Swords Go South
by Mary
Summary: The further adventures of Conner, squire to Boromir, amongst the elven folk of Imladris, Mirkwood and Lorien. Rated R.

Chapter 1... Chapter 2... Chapter 3... Chapter 4... Chapter 5... Chapter 6

To Catch an Elf
by Malinornë
Summary: Boromir turns to the elves for counsel. Rated PG-13.

Lavender's Lessons
by Mary A
Summary: A young woman in Ninglorost wants to learn how to be more womanly and looks to the elves for instruction. Rated R.

Chapter 1... Chapter 2... Chapter 3

To Catch an Orc
by Malinornë
Summary: The troubles an orc girl has to go through to attract a healthy mate. Rúmil lends a helping hand without ever finding out how. Rated R.

Musing Around or How My Fan Fiction Writing Career Began
by Mary A
Summary: A novice Fan Fiction writer explores virtual Middle Earth with her twin muses Elladan and Elrohir. Rated NC-17.

Elf Poems
by Malinorne
Summary: Limericks and poems inspired by Tolkien's elves. Some humorous, some naughty, some neither, some both.

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