Thaladir Chibis

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These cute little avatars depicting Thaladir in various unseemly situations were made by a 'Mirkwood Adventures' reader from the Philippines, using this generator. Thank you so much, Whitewave16! They are too cute! :-)
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Wearing the beanie cap gifted to him by Thrandy's mortal subjects Seeing something "unseemly" most likely related to the mortal subjects Conducting "improper" Sindarin reading lessons with Mal

Being subject to an "unseemly" situation with Thrandy's "bridge" Thinking of possible violations to protocol even during his free time. Totally distracted in the bath by the presence of Mal (though he is NOT going to complain)

Escorting the King's concubine to an official function Having a raunchy fantasy sequence involving the fleshly urges of Mal Taking his stash of premium Dorwinion