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Don't worry, it's still here. The menu was beginning to look cluttered, so we've moved all stories and poems (except for the Mirkwood Adventures) into 'Other Adventures', and also reorganised that page to make it easier to see which stories feature Thranduil and which are about other elves.

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Welcome to! Here you'll find sensual and humorous het and gen stories featuring both elves and men of Middle Earth, but our focus is on the much maligned King of Mirkwood, Thranduil. He is not a cruel villain, but a great Elf King, beloved by his subjects, and he's sexy as hell, too!

"The Mirkwood Adventures" are hot and humorous stories about Mary's and Mal's meetings with Thranduil. "Other adventures" are all our other stories, some featuring Thranduil, some not. Many stories are rated NC-17 or R for sexual content. Consider yourself warned :)

Read the fics featuring Thranduil and other elves, talk to the king's seneschal, visit some of our fave places on the net... have fun! And if you want to know more about Thranduil, don't miss our Thranduil FAQ section! Did we say we love feedback?!

~ Mary A & Malinornë ~

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Updated: January 6, 2015
New: One Way or Another, one-shot inspired by The Hobbit, written by Mal (in Other stories)

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"Long live Thranduil, great Elf-king of Greenwood!"

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